I shed a tear today…

So I’ve been crazy busy lately…. Work, ball, “M,” blog ’n’ testing a whole bunch of stuff. So keeping up with the house has been a little difficult just because really we’re so busy. I just mean putting away laundry and doing the floors… nothing overly crazy. Keeping up with the daily stuff is routine it’s those once a week things that seem to be put on the back burner.

“M” and I went shopping with my Dad this weekend for a bit while my Mom and husband hung out now let me put it into perspective… we shop ALL THE TIME! LOL!!! My Dad loves taking “M” shopping just because she’s so vocal and her expressions are hilarious. Plus she loves clothes and shoes so it’s awesome. Well she made out like a bandit as usual I fell in love with a Lulu bag but refrained from buying ANOTHER bag… hmm… maybe I’ll go back this week and get it lol. Anyway on the drive home we were talking about cleaning up because we want to have our basement finished but we have to organize everything and do a garage sale to get rid of all our crap first.

Then out of nowhere… it was like a ray of sunshine hit me when my dad said that for my Christmas present this year he’s getting me a maid service. Omg..omg..omg…O…M…G! One that will come every 2 weeks for the big cleans! So after giggling like a school-girl for literally maybe 20 minutes lol. I totally agreed that it was “good for me” for Christmas.

Its hard being a neat freak but not having the time or energy really to keep it the way I REALLY want to keep it lol. Man… My Dad is the best!!!!!

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