Let me introduce myself

Hello cyber world!

My name is Crissie, I’m 31, been married to the love of my life, Bob, for 5 years and have a 6 month old daughter Emma. I am currently a stay at home mom who has been trying to write my first YA novel. Truth be told the novel thing is not going to well as all my spare time goes towards keeping Emma entertained, fed and clean, not to mention keep up with the house, making dinner, doing laundry… you know all that super mom stuff.

Here’s hoping that as Em gets a bit older she will be able to keep herself entertained and give me some spare time to write. Now don’t get me wrong and think that having a baby is a hassle. Emma has been a real blessing to Bob and I. After trying to conceive for 2 years we had to go to a fertility clinic for a lil help. After a lot of poking, testing, drugs and some unmentionable acts, we were lucky enough to conceive.

We are planning to work on baby # 2 soon, since we had such difficulty with Emma.

Anyway, my munchkin has awoken from her power nap and I am off to play.


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