The art of Christmas shopping…

I am a pro Christmas shopper… not going to lie. A few of my friends have asked for my tips and tricks of how to Christmas shop… because really I’m THAT organized! LOL.

Yes I start shopping in October/November but hey I’m usually done by mid-November and they’re wrapped by December. I’m a planner. I need to have everything organized and don’t like leaving anything to the last minute.

Honestly I’ll never understand how people can leave EVERYTHING to the last minute (friends of mine who do this I am looking at you *ahem ahem*). The people that can run around on Christmas Eve grabbing the scraps that are left. Is it a “sale” thing or is it merely procrastination? I’d be interested to hear from one of “these” people…yes “these” people drive me crazy. My skin crawls just thinking about being in a mall on Christmas Eve so I can’t comprehend actually putting through myself that on purpose. FYI people the same sale starts in November that’s why I go but I get more of a selection and I’m able to get the “good” stuff at the same price.

Yes I am THAT person that watches the Santa Clause parade and puts up the tree every year (or at least try to). Regardless the tree and decorations are up by December 1st and come down 2 weeks into January (after Ukrainian Christmas…we celebrate that too). Pics are taken mid-November and Christmas cards are sent out usually the first week of December… everything is planned out. So yes I have a plan and stick to it.

Things to remember:

* Make a list of who and what to buy (and stick to it!) – Start early!!!!

* Take advantage of sales (check out flyers)… but spend more for better quality

* Don’t forget Christmas cards! (Or where you placed the ones you bought on sale last year…lol)

* Print out pics for the cards and go by the Post Office and get some stamps

* Set a budget…and a second one…just in case (sometimes there are changes and additions)

* Pick up a few food gift baskets for when going over to someone’s house

* Hit the LCBO and buy 3-4 nice bottles of wine

* Dollar store for tons of bags, tags, tissue, tape and paper

Hmmm… Seems like a really long list. I’m just used to it I guess. Honestly it works… I promise! LOL. I’d love to hear how everyone else does their Christmas shopping! Oh… and if you are one of the ones that shop the night before Christmas… I love to know why you like to torture yourself on a yearly basis.

Happy Shopping!

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