Time to get packing

I’m so not a packer.

I love to take trips. Leisurely resort vacations, a weekend in a busy city, weeks touring Europe. I’m even starting to enjoy road trips. I love visiting other places — near and far.

I’m a great flyer. You may not want to hear this but I have a theory — if the plane goes down, we are all going to die so why stress about it? Nice right? My family and friends don’t appreciate this much. But it works for me.

Flying with my kids is a little stressful for me. But I just try to take it one hour at a time. Flying without my kids is like a trip to the spa. I can read, have a snack, a fizzy drink, then a little snooze. Maybe I’ll watch a film. Snooze a little more, time for a cup of tea and a crossword puzzle. Sounds nice right? I wonder when that will happen again…

My big European vacation is quickly approaching and I’m stressing about packing. I really want to pack light, I am even planning on doing laundry when I get to home base in England. But how many pairs of shoes do we need? How much workout wear? How many pajamas do we each take with us? How many sweaters should I pack? Toys? Crayons? Paper? Books? It’s making me a little crazy and I have to admit that I’m doing what I always do — trying my best to ignore it and hopefully all the laundry will be done by the day before my trip and then everything will magically fall into two suitcases.

Are you a pro packer? We have one of these in our family, I’m so jealous… Do you have any tips for me?


Send coffee.


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  • Lindsey

    Oooh good luck with that! Love your face in that photo! Ha.

    I’m a bit of an organized nutter and if there are scheduled events, outings etc, I organize and bag my outfits! So when I have to go out to a nice restaurant I have dress, cardi, shoes, spanx(!) and jewellery all together! I also write down each outfit for what event so I don’t have to think too much. Yes, I am a little nuts. :) You don’t have to do daily causal wear necessarily, just make sure you have lots of mix and match items!

    • Anonymous

      You like the fish eye lens? hahaha I’m stressing girl… 

  • Snowleopard_Melody

    A good rule of thumb is 3 pairs of shoes; dressy, casual, and sandals – between the three you’re set for any outfit. Put them opposite like in a shoe box & either an elastic around them or ziploc bag to save space.

    When packing my munchkins they get four outfits (2 warm, 2 cool) & 2 sweaters, coats, etc. I take large ziploc freezer bags, roll up the clothes, squish out the air. Then I have room for toys, books, etc. The bonus is if younger kids get in the bag, it doesn’t turn into a disaster.

    I found my ipod to be a lifesaver on the plane! Headphones on the oldest and his favorite cartoons made him happy as a clam. My youngest was teething so I was able to keep him occupied without distraction. Once my oldest fell asleep the youngest got the ipod & I got a half hour reprieve :-) Sound books, colouring books & stickers are the best traveling choices, with one toy held onto by each child. All of these tricks helped make my travelling experience a less stressful one!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your tips! I like the idea of using ziploc bags!

  • Sandra

    Wish I could help… but just thinking about the anxiety that I go through when I head to Portugal for 3 weeks is giving me…anxiety.  As much as I tell myself – I can do laundry there, I can pack light – I end up over packing, trekking through the airport like a crazed family with way too many bags and then come back not having work half the stuff we take.  The good news is – if you are flying to Portugal first – the whole flight is overpacked! You will not look out of place!
    Good luck and have a great trip:)

    • Anonymous

      Too funny Sandra! I know what you mean about the overpacked flight… my mom is stressing because I told her that she can only take one suitcase. ;)

  • Helen

    I am alarmed that you are packing workout wear!

    • Anonymous

      I am totally. :)

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