Road Trip – Part II

What am I thinking?

I was stressed out the last time we planned a family road trip. Mostly because my daughter is not a fan of

1)   Being told what to do

2)   Being stuck in a car seat for more than 10 minutes

3)   Being told what to do

Our trip to NYC was a success. I can honestly say it went well, puke and all. Yes, my little one is a puker, but she let it out (twice) and then we were able to get on with our journey. We experienced minimal crying and I think that might have been because my in-laws were with us.

Today I am getting ready to travel to Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont. This is really exciting for me because even though I’m not a skier and neither is my husband, we both agree on the decision to teach our kids how to enjoy winter sports.

At six and four, we think that this is a prime time for them to learn. We’ve been successful with skating, so now it’s time for them to hit the slopes and for us to hit the lounge.

I’m looking forward to a winter holiday in the snow with my little ones. I think it will be great bonding time for all of us and we’ll all learn something new while we’re there.

I’m planning to blog while we’re there so I can share the experience. If you’d like to see how we’re doing, I’ll be tweeting the entire time I’m sure — ahem, I have been known to do that once in a while.

I’m looking forward to leaving our mini van behind — God I still hate that thing.

We’re driving a fab new Ford Explorer and I’m so looking forward to it. I should say that Nick is driving and I’ll be driving from the passenger seat, iPhone in hand, dispensing snacks, opening water bottles, and making sad attempts at keeping my kids occupied. I will suffer this, all in the name of family fun (I’m really not a fan of the road trip).

Stay tuned, I’m sure something exciting or at least mildly entertaining will happen. It always does!

Do you road trip with your family? Most importantly, do you enjoy it?

  • CrissieC

    The last two road trips we have had with Dilemma were quite successful ( she fell asleep an hour into the drive slept for 2 hours and then just watched movies in peace and quiet the rest of the drive)… We have a 10 hour drive this summer to a family reunion in the states; it’s double the time we’ve ever been in the car on road trips… I am hoping she is as good as she was on the last two! *fingers crosses*
    Hope your trip rocks!

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