Celeb Mommies Share the Ups & Downs of Motherhood with CelebrityBabyScoop

As parents, we can all relate to having ups and downs with our kids.  Many of us struggle to find the right balance between career and family.  CelebrityBabyScoop sat down with some of our favorite celebrity mommies to find out how they juggle it all and asked them to share some of their favorite and most challenging motherhood moments.

Sherri Shepherd on the best and most challenging parts of motherhood:

“My son, man, when he grabs my face and he says, ‘Mommy I want to kiss you. Mommy I love you!”

On the challenges, Sherri shares:

“Jeffrey didn’t go through the terrible twos he went through the terrible threes!

My son has developmental delays. Because his speech was delayed, he wasn’t able to express how he felt so he expressed himself by screaming. Apparently there are no manuals that come with these kids! I wish a book would fall out of our uteruses as well but apparently there was nothing!

There were times I would put him in the room, close the door, sit on my couch and just cry thinking, ‘I don’t know what to do!’ That, I think is challenging because I sit here and I go, ‘I’m not sure what to do in a situation like this.’

Right now, it’s the little things not really deep, profound things. For example, when he potty trained; I’m a single mom and he’s a boy and I’m trying to figure it out. Like, ‘How the heck am I going to get you to just push your butt in a little bit more to pee in the toilet, so its not dripping everywhere! It’s the little things.”

Constance Zimmer on the joys and challenges of motherhood:

“There are a lot of favorites: hearing her speak her first words, her laughter, her eyes when she discovers something new that she hasn’t seen before and the look on her face when she eats a new food. I also love when she falls asleep on me.”

On the challenges, Constance tells us: “Being at my best for her every day, even when I’m having a bad day, because she can’t understand that yet and I wouldn’t want her to think it was anything that she did.”

Alison Sweeney on her best advice to working moms on keeping a good balance:

“I wish I had an easy answer to that. It’s always easiest to say it starts with balance but it’s about every day making the decisions you can live with for that day,” according to Alison.

“ Then it is about looking back over the day/week/month and making sure that you are keeping everything in check, that nothing is falling too far off your radar. Also, since I’ve decided to continue my career, I try to make it a practice to honor that decision by giving my job 100% while I’m there – not regretting that decision or feeling guilty – if I’m going to be away from my kids, I owe it to them to make that time worth it. And then when I am with Ben, I put the blackberry aside, and give him my full attention.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck on how she keeps it all together:

“I mess something up every day. I work late into the night, sometimes into the next day, and I have a husband who ‘gets me’ enough to know that I will forget to make the bed and might leave every cabinet open in my morning tornado! Tim is the reason I can take on so much. I am only as capable because he does so much.”

Marcia Cross on finding balance while raising twins

“I think some days I do it more gracefully than others, and other days it takes its toll. I think like any parent I go through times where things are going great and then I’ll have a week where both of my daughters are sick and so I’m trying to juggle work and home life and it’s hard” confesses Marcia.

“It can be stressful and I think it would be unrealistic to say otherwise. I think that mothers manage an incredible work load, whether you’re a stay at home mother or you have a job as well. It’s a very full life and certainly one that I dreamt about and always wanted. Given that, there are days that are challenging because you can only be in so many places at once, whether it’s at work or with your kids. You know, sometimes you just really want a nap!”

Heidi Klum on how she juggles it all:

“It’s a huge responsibility to have 4 kids and since they are all different, they all have different likes and dislikes and activities that they want to do. You have to learn how to juggle all of that and at the same time, give them each the love that they need.”

And at the end of the day, it’s all about family for the gorgeous model mom. “The time you have, you spend with your family,” says Heidi. “Your calendar becomes your guide and scheduling becomes so important to make sure it all gets done.”

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