Why my minivan smells …

What do you get when you cross Pringles chips, 2 bottles of milk, a two-year-old and a car drive from the cottage?

You get a big mess. And Do It All Daddy comes to the rescue!

We had a great weekend at the cottage, even if it was too cold for the beach and too wet to go outside. Instead we spent the day watching 101 Dalmatians, Little Mermaid, Bolt and Snow White. The sun decided to come out as we were leaving, and the drive home was full of complaining.

As we are half way home, my two year old decides to puke her brains out all over herself, her car seat, the actual seat and the carpet.

I pull to the side of the road, jump out (luckily I had a roll of Bounty in the car and my wife had packed some extra clothing) and began cleaning up the mess. Here’s the process:

1) lift daughter out of car (at the side of Simcoe Road 22) without getting puke everywhere else

2) remove clothes, wipe her down and re-clothe her. Place her in front seat

3) scoop puke off baby seat with bare hands; toss to side of the road

4) remove baby seat from car; clean the actual seat (the puke managed to seep through) with Bounty and wet wipes [By the way this is not sponsored, I just really like Bounty]

5) clean baby seat at the side of the road as best as I can, put seat back in, cover with towel and drive back to Toronto (with the windows open and trying not to be sick myself)

It was pretty disgusting. She’s worth it though isn’t she? I think so!

  • Chantel – momof8crazymonkeys

    OMG!  I can so relate only I had 6 kiddies puking one after the other in the Excursion –  not a pretty smell or a pretty sight. We had decided to take the kiddies up north for some snow and toboganning and instead was given a puke fest! I thought it would never end – After a week of it finally ended but you are right – one look at their adorable faces and we realize they are worth it – well at least 3 days out of week:)

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