Does baby brain ever go away?

Wow… I’m either losing my mind or my x-baby brain is somehow getting worse. The other day I checked if the door was locked like 4 times before driving away….made coffee twice during the day (knowing we had no milk and I don’t drink it black) and was dropping everything I touched. I’m trying to determine if it’s STILL baby brain….maybe a full moon… or if I’m literally just losing it.

It’s to the point that I’d probably forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my body. I’ve been good when I have to do things that are work related and “auto-pilot” duties. If I have something scheduled into my’s a bonus!….but if it’s not in there… apparently it goes one ear and right out the other.

I’m finding after having a baby that I tend to need to write things down more. Mind you, I’ve always been an organized person…. juggling a family, full time work, blogging for fun, and baseball, but really… how does someone literally forget the things that you KNOW you’ll need when you go out for long periods of time with a toddler. Bah! Someone please tell me it’s just a phase and all the money that was spent on education has not been flushed down the toilet.

Wow…what happens if we have another child… will I be completely and utterly a dumb-dumb forever? Just the thought of it makes me quiver!

Amen to personal organizers and reminders… without them I’d be somewhere in cyberspace…worried…and trying to remember if I locked the door or not!

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