My Toddler is FINALLY Eating!

I’ve been having problems with my toddler actually eating… she’s still on formula for a few more months and I think that it’s the culprit when it comes to meal time. We use to give her a bottle while she eats as a drink because she wouldn’t use a sippy cup. Now that she’s using one (very infrequently, but I’ve seen her use it) water is being “served” with meals and bottles don’t come until I feel she’s had “enough” to eat. I think it actually is working….

Little Miss Picky-Pants will only eat certain things (she was never picky before) but she does like to snack…so at least she’s getting some nutrients! I think that’s another reason why I’m waiting to 18 months to take her off the formula. I am however going to start the move to homo milk and also toddler nutritional drinks for filling the gaps of when she fights me with the vegetables (which has been the bane of my existence!).

She’ll only eat peas and corn… and…that’s when she wants too (like every other toddler). She is good with protein though…she’ll eat pretty much any meat and eggs…she eats fruit…and carbs…loves cheese and yogurt…thoroughly enjoys anything that has a little spice to it and loves pasta. I’ve been tricking her by giving her snacks made from sweet potato and other veggies… she munches on those…goldfish and cheerios (the usual toddler snacks as well as fruit). I’m hoping she’s getting a well rounded diet.

I guess if she’s full she’ll stop eating too…maybe I’m trying to give her too much food? I figure she’s full when stuff starts to get thrown off the highchair and fed to the dog and cat. I also think I should start hiding more veggies in stuff like zucchini bread and pancakes. Then I can actually get the hubby to eat more veggies too without knowing it. Hmmm maybe THAT’s where she gets it from…

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