Oops…My Bad

The other night we were driving home from preschool/work. We usually take some back streets to beat some of the traffic and jump on the highway a bit closer to home and got cut off by a big transport truck. Holding every foul word I have ever heard in my life in, as I bit my tongue, I hear a little voice from the backseat say, “O….M…..G….Really?”

I thought to myself, “Say WHAT?” I pretty much burst out laughing, as tears ran down both sides of my face.  I’m sorry I think that it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!!! At the same point you have to think, wow, I really have to watch what I say around her! She sounds EXACTLY like me…the tone, mannerisms, including a little “stink-eye” and curled brow. You can read what she’s thinking because it’s all over her face.

It’s funny how little ones pick up on the tiniest things, the things you wouldn’t even think twice of doing or saying. Thought I would share. She’s really starting to have some great one-liners… and she uses them at the perfect times too!

  • sahar

    this made me smile from one ear to the other :)


  • Lisastannah

    Excellent….It really is amazing how they pick these things up!!! I have a little girl, only 5 months at the mo but am preparing myself and my husband to really watch our P’S and Q’s as they say!!! I have a nephew who is Three and it baffles me how quick he picks things up and learns when to use them!!!! But I must admit he does have us rolling around with laughter most of the time with some sayings!!!! 

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