Alone with a newborn and a toddler

Alexandra was born Feb 12th and that day was filled with so much chaos! Firstly she was born vaginally without medical intervention. No drugs people. No drugs. And it was the best. I’ll have to talk about that in another post.

I had to stay in the hospital for two nights because of complications. Without getting into too much detail, my blood was clotting – on the inside – so my blood pressure was dropping. Anyway, you really don’t want to know how they fixed that.

I finally went home with my new baby. My in laws were visiting and I was so grateful to have the extra help. They helped with keeping my two year old occupied and fed. My MIL cooked for us and helped as best she could. This I will forever appreciate.

A few days after being home with my new baby, my mom invited us over to her place for dinner. My husband had gone in to work and so he was going to meet us there. A few hours before we were meant to go leave my MIL informed me that they were going to go out and meet me at my mom’s.

WHAT?! Were they leaving me at home ALONE with my new baby and my toddler?! WHY? Why would they do this to me!?

Those were my thoughts, but rather than telling them I was not ok with this just yet, I just assured them that this was ok and that I’d see them there.

That day, after they left, I really broke down. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be alone with both of my babies. They were both in diapers. How was this going to pan out? What would I do? How could they do this to me?

The truth is, after the initial shock and my blubbering on my own, my darling newborn slept for most of those three hours. When it was time to go to my mom’s, I was ok. I made it. I did it! I was able to take care of both of my babies without any help. I felt good. That day was a great one and it gave me the confidence that I needed to make it with two little ones on my own.

When my in laws left shortly after that, I was ok. Sure we had some really busy, crazy and loud days! There were back to back diaper changes. There was crying — sometimes all three of us simultaneously. But I knew that I would survive. Fast forward to today: Good news — we’re ok!

  • Stefter

    At the moment when these things happen it always seems like it’ll never be ok but thankfully we (mothers in general) make it through and then look back…fondly ;)

  • Veronica

    This is good to read. My toddler will be 18 months when my new baby is born in January and I am so nervous about caring for them both!

  • Angie Mochrie

    Love your blog, I remember those days although it was only with 1 baby(my first) I was terrified to be left alone as I also had complications with my delivery causing nerve damage in my foot which left me hobbling around & in pain, but I survived (although sometimes I thought I might not). I remember those days of both the baby and me crying it out and now look back fondly as Stefter says :-)

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