Getting Excited and Nervous

I am getting sooooo excited!  There is only 25 days until my due date!  I have never been so excited for New Year’s Eve as I am this year.  My little girl is also excited to meet her baby brother.

As excited as I am, I am a little nervous as well.  We have done everything we can think of to include my daughter in this pregnancy.  We let her pick the name from our list of favorites.  She gives my belly a hug and kiss every night so that she can say good night to the baby.  We have started practicing with her dolls how to hold and sing to the baby.  We bought a present that we are going to give her from her baby brother when he arrives and we are letting her pick a gift that she can give to him.  But it’s a whole different ball game when the baby is actually here.

She spends a lot of time right now with my nephew who is just over a year old, and we have noticed some behaviour that’s not really like her.  We think it has to do with some jealousy at having to share her grandparents (who watch her for us).  She is even more temperamental than normal, and she doesn’t listen like she used to.  Being a daddy’s girl, I worry that she may start to resent the baby when he arrives.  We already see it when hubby comes and snuggles with me and talks to the baby.  Bella will get right in there and say she has to sit in the middle.

I would love some suggestions on how to deal with the possible jealousy that we are going to deal with.

  • Nabb717

    My advice is to give the oldest child ALL the attention they desire. As long as the baby`s needs are met, they are fine. It is the oldest child that needs the attention to help with self esteem.  It worked like a charm for us. good luck!

  • Jessica Logan

    Try to include her as much with the baby as possible. Honestly my son is 5 months and my daughter is 6. We thought their would be alot of jealousy towards her little brother but it is actually the complete opposite of jealousy  if anything she wants to help too much. Although she does act out again in other ways to get attention like writing on things with crayon again, getting into my makeup and nail polish (which i had to throw all out) stuff she used to do when she was 3 she’s back to doing. She used to be able to be sent to play if we left her unsupervised and i was doing laundry or dishes but now she cannot be trusted. I hope this helps.

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