Holiday Gift Guide: My Top Five Under $50

The holiday season is here! It’s December and my family celebrates Christmas – to us this means: quality family time, glorious food, decadent desserts, puzzle making, Just Dance marathons and gift giving.

I thought I’d share with you my top five gifts that I’d love to receive this year. I think it goes without saying that I’d like world peace, to end world hunger, to continue to have a healthy and happy family and an endless supply of organic, fair trade coffee.

Here are my fave five under $50:

1)   I’ve always loved Matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting dolls). I love how they all fit into each other so neatly. I also need to have a glass of water on my nightstand every night. The problem with this is that my cats are constantly trying to drink water out of my glass. Gross right? I think I’ve found a solution: The Drinkup! Babushka Carafe Set. It’s a carafe and the lid doubles as a cup. PERFECT!

At $24 it’s affordable and would make me extremely happy. The perfect gift.

It’s made by Fred & Friends ( and I love it!

2)   My feet are often cold. This is why I ALWAYS wear slippers. If you’re a guest in my house there is always a pair of slippers for you to wear while you’re here. I’m a little bit obsessed. These are on my list this year – handmade in Canada, warm and priced right. Sold at for $33.95. Happy wallet, happy feet.

3)   I love journals (and pens). This journal captured my heart. A cloth wrapped hard-bound journal, lined pages, a ribbon page marker and the cover art is one of my favourites: Pride and Prejudice. At $16 from a book goes to a community in need with every purchase. You can also get a matching T Shirt!!! LOVE IT!

4)   The Owl is my favourite bird. A nocturnal silent smarty pants – always listening and watching. I’d love for a pair to hold up my books. I love these cast iron owl bookends from for $29.75.

5)   For $50 you can symbolically adopt a species at risk through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Each gift recipient will get an adoption kit which includes a personalized adoption certificate, a wildlife plush and collector card, a recycled gift bag and a description of the work it will help support. Since I love owls, here’s my suggestion:

Special edition Snowy Owl adoption – $50

6)   This shouldn’t really be on this list, because A) I said FIVE and I can’t really afford to be paying so much for something that is just cute and pretty to look at. And most importantly B) I really don’t expect anyone to buy this for me. But just for fun, even though I said gifts under $50, here it is: One of my most favourite and indulgent items: The Blythe Doll. I heart her. You can find Blythe online at Here she is at $225 as Simply Lilac:

Good luck with your shopping! What is number one on your list?

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