Holiday Gift Guide: My top five under $50

As a man, there really isn’t much under $50 that I want. For example:

A bottle of Louis the XIII de Remy Martin $2,000.00

A Bugatti $1,000,000.00

A British Premier League Soccer team? $400,000,000.00

Seriously, I’m not difficult to please, and I don’t expect much when it comes to gifts.

Here are my top five under $50:

1)   The Callet – for my new iPhone 4, which I don’t have yet ($25).

2) T-shirts – I live in t-shirts… I especially like the fit, feel and cheekiness of French Connection UK ones. Like this one ($38):

2)   Chocolate. A large box. Preferrably Lindt or Cadbury from the UK – no crappy waxy stuff. I think I could really enjoy these (approx. $25):

3)   Anything Liverpool like this ($15):

4)   Just regular white socks, because I’m fussy with fabric on my hands and feet. You can get a six pack for about $16:

What I’d really like is priceless and unattainable: I’d love for my kids to sleep on their own, every night, in their own rooms. Down the hall from me.

Merry Christmas!

  • Anne Brocklehurst

    My husband would agree with everything here – very amusing!

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