Q & A: Should a two year old sleep with a pillow?

My son just turned 2 and started to climb out of his crib. I have the kind that converts to a toddler bed and figured that was my cue to convert it before he fell and was injured. Since it’s the same bed, same bedding, he seems to have adjusted fine. What are your thoughts on pillows? My son is a tummy sleeper (I didn’t let him when he was young, but now there’s nothing I can do about it). Should I wait to introduce a pillow? I don’t know if he should be using one if he sleeps on his tummy.




Congratulations on making the transition from crib to bed so smooth!

Pillows are not recommended for children under 2 years of age, but since your little one is now one of the “big” guys, there truly is no harm. Having said that, kids really don’t need pillows. It seems that you have successfully created the same sleeping environment in his bed as he had in his crib. I would keep everything as much the same as possible. Whenever you introduce something new, there is bound to be some curiosity, which has the danger of complicating matters.When your son asks for a pillow, by all means provide him with one, but until then, I would leave things just the way they are.


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