Kids are right….sometimes!

When we decided to tell M she was going to be a big sister we really didn’t know if she would “get” the whole concept. Hubby tried and it didn’t click. I explained it in a bit of a different way and it was like you actually saw the light bulb go off. She ran around the room then even offered up her room and her toddler bed. It was really cute and she is SUPER excited to be a big sister!

Once we told our family and friends everyone started asking M if she thought she was going to have a baby sister or a baby brother. At the beginning she was just telling everyone she was having a sister, until one morning she woke up and said it will be a baby brother. She didn’t waiver at all after that. She wouldn’t even fathom the thought that it could actually be a girl, even though I tried to prepare her that it could in fact be a sister. No deal.

I decided to take her with me to my ultrasound. I thought it would be cool for her to see the baby and to be a part of the whole experience. Well we got there and were seen almost right away, so that was a bonus. We got in the exam room and the ultra sound tech started and M’s face totally lit up. It was really cute for her to see “Puddin’” (as she so thoughtfully nicknamed the baby). The tech got all the measurements she needed while we tried to sneak a peek and see if we could tell if it was a boy or girl.

We sure did have a surprise or should I say I did! I thought for sure it was a girl, we even had a name picked out! Nope, M was right, BOY all the way! We figured that part out when she yelled out, “Mom, puddin’ has a tail!”…sigh. LOL! I explained that it wasn’t a tail and that she was right she’s going to have a baby brother! She replied with a “TOLD YOU, lets go get ice cream.” Apparently that was that, as she proceeded to tell me that she was right EVERY day since then! The next 16 weeks should be fun!

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