I love you more…

Yesterday, after bathing and getting Dilemma ready for bed, I snuggled with her on the sofa and told her, “Mommy is going to tuck you in and put you to bed.” Her reply was a whiny, “No Mommy! I want Tato (Daddy) to do it!” I asked her why and she told me, “I love Tato more!”

I asked Bob to please put her to bed, my heart kind of broken. While Bob is tucking Dilemma in and he asks her, “Why do you love Tato more?” She looks at him, like he just asked the dumbest question ever and says, “I miss you more Tato, so I love yous more.” Bob, “Why do you miss me?” Dilemma replies, “You go bye bye work, I stay with mommy… I misses yous…”

And NOW my husband doesn’t want to go to work today…



  • Jwalker8

    Her name is Dilemma? Negative conotation!

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