Will she be a slope bunny?

So we’ve decided that this is the year we are going to teach M to ski. I’m not a skier. Hubby tried to teach me to snowboard, and I’m just awful! It’s true what they say about it being harder to learn when you’re older! I’m afraid to fall because, well, I KNOW it’ll hurt for like a WEEK later! So, we’ll see if I’m up for trying it again but intermediate slopes is where I’ll have to stick to.

M on the other hand is a little daredevil just like her Daddy. She loves tobogganing, skating, swimming (including jumping off the dock) and hitting the hills on her scooter. Me, I just want to wrap her in bubble wrap, but how realistic is that? Hmmm I wonder if I buy one of those big rolls if it would it be enough!

The other thing – winter sports are expensive! To outfit her with everything she needs can be well over $300-400! We’re grateful that we’ll hopefully be able to get the proper sizing for her and everything from Hubby’s cousin who is in the business. That will make a big difference! The other thing is both Hubby and his Sister were instructors so I’m sure between the two of them they’ll be able to teach her to have fun skiing while learning how to keep herself safe on the slopes. Me on the other hand, I’ll will be in the chalet hanging out with T! He gives me the excuse to not be on the hill!

What ages did you take your kids skiing for the first time? I think she’s ready but maybe its not the norm!

  • keels

    How old is she?

    • http://thebabybottomline.com/ Baby Bottom Line

      she’s 4 1/2 :)

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