What people DON’T tell you about pregnancy and afterbirth!

Everyone knows that if you don’t want a truthful answer just don’t ask me the question. Well, someone asked me what pregnancy was really like so I polled a few friends, took some of my own instances and compiled it all for my readers. Here’s the down low. Reader discretion is advised.

What happens?

· Nausea. Everyone says this, but until you’ve experienced it 24/7 or have to take pills to make it even bearable you have NO idea what you’re in for.
· Heartburn! You want kids with hair? Start buying stock in heartburn meds.
· Hemorrhoids. Get use to them, name them if you have to…they DON’T go away after birth.
· Swelling. Say goodbye to your ankles and hello to three new chins and sausage fingers.
· Stretch marks. Creams can hydrate and help prevent but if your susceptible to them, they’ll show up no matter what you throw at them.
· Your hair and nails look awesome! But be prepared for brittle nails and thinking you’re going bald after the babe is out!
· Yeast and Urinary Tract Infections. You were happy with not having your period for 10 months? You ain’t seen nothing yet!
· Potty issues? Some get backed up, others total opposite. One thing in common – peeing about 25 times a day!
· Carpal tunnel. Goodbye accessories and hello wrist braces! Did I mention you may have to wear them 24/7?
· Acne. Welcome back to puberty, except worse!
· Leaky bladder. This is another one that may not go away after birth, so you and your babe may both be in diapers for a while!
· High blood pressure? Welcome to meds and taking your blood pressure five times a day!
· Pregnancy diabetes. Have fun chugging that orange goop for your glucose tests, and if you fail you get to do it all over again! Fail again and welcome to a new diet and monitoring your sugar. If it’s bad, be prepared to take insulin shots!
· Throw your birth plan out the window! Yes, of course make one but realistically, you have no idea what’s going to happen or when so just go along for the ride.
· C-sections are not taking “the easy way out”. I’ve heard this a few times, and honestly, it sucks. Surgery sucks, recovery sucks, and in my case not ever having the opportunity to experience labor sucks. I feel gipped and there’s nothing I can do about it so looking down on me for it, especially when I didn’t have an option for either of my births…not cool.
· Do NOT weigh yourself when you get home. Pregnancy doesn’t make you fat, stuffing your face does! I swear to you it’s true. I gained 22 lbs with T and lost it all, eventually. Coming home from the hospital and jumping on the scale will just depress you. You had a baby and they weren’t 30lbs at birth. I’m just not sure what everyone is expecting to see lol.
· Yes, you burn extra calories while breastfeeding, and some women do not get their period until they stop, but you CAN get pregnant while breast feeding so unless you want back to back babes play safe.
· First period – it’s a dousy. Prepare yourself. Seriously.

· Don’t think your baby will sleep through the night within the first three months (I was lucky, others still have kids that aren’t sleeping through the night and their almost two!) So you thought you had sleeping issues while preggo, sorry, welcome to the walk’n dead.

I’m not trying to scare anyone. And yes, bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful experience. But, seriously, if it wasn’t for the beautiful baby you get at the end of it all, some people just wouldn’t do it! Love my kids and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but man I wish it would have been easier to get them here! There’s your DL!

  • Angela Hickman

    LOL. Can’t believe I ever had a second seeing as how I can realte to pretty much the entire list!

  • Brianne

    Awesome list! Hair loss, brittle nails, c-section NOT being the easy way out and acne, acne and more acne! I hear ya! Ah the joys of pregnancy and post-pregnancy ;)

  • Baby Bottom Line

    Ack! I forgot to add sensitive teeth and bleeding gums to the list! That one was fun when it was time for the dentist…. ugh…

  • Marie

    Oh, the good times. Loose joints during and hair falling out postpartum are fun, too. ;)

    May I add Hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme nausea and vomiting that lead to dehydration and malnutrition) need aggressive treatment by a doctor educated in the condition, which isn’t the norm. http://www.helpher.org is the HER Foundation. Best place ever for HG Moms.

  • Natalie Romero

    Ah yes I experienced ALMOST each one! I laughed out loud thinking about how every time I sneeze I have to cross my legs otherwise I risk peeing my pants!

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