Valentine’s Day = LOVE

Valentine’s Day is coming up ALREADY!!! Yikes, where is the time going? This one will be extra special now that T is here, so I’m really excited! What do we do for V-Day? It usually starts with breakfast. We’ve tried to make heart pancakes and stuff in the past, some were epic failures, others not so bad. This year I will try again! Once we get brecky out of the way, we usually do some crafts, cards and handprint art. I’ve done this with M every year so I’ll be glad to have T’s done too!

I also usually do a mini photo-shoot of M, so that will be multiplied by 2 as well! Yikes! Sounds like a lot more work this year, but it will totally be worth it! I always have them in a killer outfit for Valentine’s day so I can’t wait!

There are always so presents exchanged. M is a bit of a choc-a-holic like her Daddy so they both usually get some more to add to their stash!

Sometimes we go out for family date night for dinner, other years we’ve made something, so we’ll see what this year has in store. Now that I’m home though M and I will make our fave M&M cookies during the day, a simple chocolate chip recipe but we exchange the chocolate chips with pink and red smarties and viola! Dessert!

The best part of the day is spending time with the ones you love and M is a very loving little girl, she makes it easy to love her so I’ll really enjoy spending the day with her and T. I can’t wait!

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