Tis the Season…Bah Humbug!

Growing up I always loved this time of year. I remember waking up Christmas morning to see foot and hoof prints in the backyard that my father painstakingly pressed perfectly into the snow. We didn’t have a fireplace so Santa came in the sliding glass door. I remember my advent calendar and it wasn’t a chocolate one, it was one that you can fill yourself, man I got some pretty cool stuff in there!

We didn’t really have a ton of traditions while I was growing up, other than one side of the family Christmas Eve, the other Christmas Day. Ever since “M” was born, I’ve tried to create some traditions for her to carry on with her own family one day. Christmas morning we always hang out in our PJs, watch the Grinch and Elf (sorry, literally my ALL time favourite movie), hang out, take our time opening presents and basically eat junk all day.

Other traditions we’ve started… getting an ornament with our names and the year on it. So far we have a deer, penguin, and the recently added moose family. I think it will make for a great collection one day! She’s also allowed to choose 1 ornament to add to the tree, this year it ended up being Abby Cadaby, which totally clashes with our blue and silver tree, but that’s ok.

Lastly, Santa pics. It is a rite of passage, and the way I see it, mandatory every year. Well, this year was something special alright. One semi-good pic out of 6 taken, the rest of them consisted of her screaming and wiggling out of Santa’s arms to the point where she almost wriggled right out of her shirt and flashed the camera. Ugh… what a horrible experience for everyone involved! It was like toddlers gone wild! Bonus, I now have some added ammunition to her wedding slideshow in 25 years and these ones are fantastic!!!!

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