The ‘Tude of a 17 year old

Man… seriously… my kid is 17months going on 17! From eyebrow rising and rolling her eyes to dirty looks and “No(s)”… you would swear she’s a 17-year-old teenager.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is going through this or will be the last to do so either… but still. It really sucks. She says “NO!” to everything and anyone including the dog… who honestly…doesn’t deserve to be yelled at by her. While at times, it’s pretty funny, we try not to acknowledge her little “tantrums” and pray that this stage will just blow over.

Whoever said to watch out for the terrible two’s should have wrote me some Cole’s notes for a sneak peak of what I’ve actually got myself in to. She’s bad… she still throws food on the floor (ya still waiting for that stage to end..soon preferably) but she’s good in public so can I complain? People still come up to us and say how cute and well behaved she is, but she can turn that switch on and off let me tell you…right down to the crocodile tears.

Sometimes she won’t even go in her highchair…it’s a 2 person job to get her in…and even though better… eating is still an issue sometimes. I’m trying to figure out…and do my research on different stages that a lot of kids go through but really she’s hitting like 3 or 4 bad ones at one time… throw me a bone here! LOL!

Then when you sit down and really think about it… we feed her, change her diaper, play with her, read to her, watch those crappy kids shows (you know the ones I’m talking about. Starts with “in the” and ends with “night garden.” They’re creepy… sorry…had to say it!) we clean up after her, spoil her and does anyone do the same for me? Ya…no! She’s got us wrapped around her finger and it’s not gonna change any time soon….

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