I’m slowly going crazy…

Whoever said being a full time working Mom was easy lied through their teeth! Man… it’s hard.

I have a “regular” full time job, then a full time…plus overtime job…that is unpaid and my manager is 17 months old. I also have another full time job(s) as a wife, scheduler, chef, maid andsocial media and reality TV junkie…the list goes on and on. Oh…and I can’t forget about being a blogger and product tester too…but that’s just for fun! LOL

Busy nights… busy weekends…so busy…. it’s to the point when sometimes I don’t even want to pick up the phone! LOL. At the same time I’m not the type of person that could just hang out and do nothing. My life and work is too high paced for that. So yes, I can honestly say that we’re “booked” until pretty much Thanksgiving. There is one area I always seem to forget about. Sorry Twitterland, you seem to get ignored on a regular basis. I promise I’ll make it up to you! LOL!!!

Yes, with all the stress there is a ton of fun! But really, how do people with like 6 kids do it? And she’s not even old enough for the whole soccer practice or school thing! What am I going to do then? I come home and I’m completely spent, utter exhaustion. Yet… I do it day after day… and love every minute of it!

Hmmm.. there’s gotta be something wrong with me right?….nah…… I’m just slowly going crazy…. and I’m taking everyone around me with me!!! LOL!!

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