The Queen’s chair

When my husband and I bought our home we inherited furniture from our family members.  A few couches and other things.  For years we used these and as our family grew, well we out grew the couches we had.  There was no room to cuddle comfortably.

So we decided to buy a sectional.  We went shopping with the kids, I know in hindsight it was not the best idea.  The four of them tested every piece of furniture in the store.  I let them go I mean who better to help pick out something for us than the kids right?

I found the perfect couch for us, a nice big sectional with a long chair at the end.  I sat in it and felt so comfortable and spoiled.  I felt like Queen. Since then that part of the couch is mine.  It is called the Queens chair and I love it.

Everyone knows that when I come into the living room no matter how comfy you are if you are in the Queens chair you are losing your place.  I cuddle with a blanket and yes I share the chair but it is mine.  It is my precious.

My husband finds this quite funny but I explain I am kind of like Archie Bunker from All in the family. (Darn if that doesn’t show my age) Or Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory for the younger generation. It is the perfect place to sit, the best view of the television.  Close to the window and the heater.

This is my chair where I sit and be pampered.  I fall asleep on it, read on it, talk on the phone and yes I twitter and blog on it. I socialize with friends on it, them on the rest of the couch and me in my special place.

I do feel like a Queen when I am sitting or lounging on it.  I almost am in my own little world.  I think every woman should have one.  I think every woman should feel like a Queen.  If you don’t have a spot I suggest you make one.  A place that is just for you and no one else.  Unless of course you want to share but still in the sharing you know it’s your place.

I think my next project will be a mom cave.  Batman and his bat cave will be put to shame when I am done.

How about you?  Do you have a place that is yours and yours alone?  Do you have a place where you can feel like a Queen?  I would love hear your comments.

  • Nicole MacPherson

    I usually curl up on a corner of the couch. But last week I had surgery and so I’ve taken up residence on our giant lazy boy. My five year old was sitting on it, saw me and gasped “Sorry, Mom, I was just saving your spot!”

    • Pampered Patty

      Hey Nicole! That lazy boy sounds like the perfect Queen’s chair for you to heal and feel better on! So cute it already is starting to become yours! Hope you get well soon!

  • askmamamoe

    Hi from UBP11! I unfortunately do no have a chair in our living room area. Something to think about! Sounds like you fully enjoy it! BUT! I have a mom cave, so that is my little piece of paradise. It’s actually the guest room, but my office is there and it is all my style – the only real girly place in the house. Pictures to be posted on my blog soon! Congrats on the post here! Mama MOE

    • Pampered Patty

      Hey Mama Moe! Thanks for the congrats. It is so cool you have a mom cave. That is the next thing for me, my office is downstairs in an old part of our house that use to be an apartment so there is a guest room in there. I plan on redoing it totally my style and it will be my cave! Until then I am so happy with my chair. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kelly @ City Mom

    What great advice! You paint a good picture and now I am scanning my living room for my Queen’s throne!

    • Pampered Patty

      Thanks Kelly! It doesn’t have to be the living room, it can be anywhere in the house but somewhere that is just for you.

  • Priscilla Hedlin

    I have one side of the couch, closest to the side table. If anyone is there, they have to move and let me transfer to my SPOT. hehe.

    • Pampered Patty

      Doesn’t it feel nice to have that? Sometimes there is a little part of me that feels bad for kicking people out, but it doesn’t last long!

  • Grumpygratefulmom

    I always sit in the part of the couch that slumps down. I’m thinking that’s not quite queen worthy. I’ll see what I can do.

    • Pampered Patty

      Hey Grumpy & Grateful Momma!

      Love you name! Thanks so much for stopping by and I am sure you still look Queenly in the slumpy part of the couch, it’s half about place and half about attitude! Lol.

  • Kat

    That would be my computer cair. Lol! Great post, Patty!

    • Pampered Patty

      Ha ha Kat! As long as it’s comfortable and you feel it’s yours then it works!!

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