Great! Now what do I do? Help!!

M did so well with potty training. She was pretty much done in less than a week. I still put her in pull-ups for when we go out but summer is coming which means baseball season starts soon! What do I do in the situations where there are no washrooms? HEEEELLLPP!! Do I bring a potty with me to the ball park? If so… suggestions?

Also, the guys had a practice last weekend and I’m now realizing that there is absolutely without a doubt nooooo way she’ll sit still. I was running around the whole time after her. Exercise for me = a plus but really who wants to do that all night?

I’m trying to figure out some good activities for her to do while we’re at the ball diamond. Something that will keep her busy and away from foul balls. One game last year we were sitting on a blanket in the grass and I ended up “taking one for the team” as I dove over her to cover her from getting hit.

I’m already starting to freak out about the thought of her running in to a foul ball while playing… would it be bad to put a helmet on her? Or am I becoming “Bubble Mom?” I’m really not trying to be but she’s still soooo small. Am I panicking over nothing?

  • GC

    we used to bring our little potty and keep it in the car for emergencies like that. There are many smaller more simple potties that would be good to fit in a car.

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Awesome thanks GC! :)

  • Tracy

    We brought a small potty to put in our car which saved us in parking lots (so we wouldn’t have to go back into stores) and on trips or places with no bathrooms or yucky bathrooms. I would be protective of my children at ball fields and if putting on a helmet makes your game watching less stressful, I say go for it. But, I still would be on guard for foul balls, wild throws…Better safe and (over) protective than sorry, I say :) I found your blog when you linked up to No Ordinary Blog Hop (NOBH). Thanks for linking up and please grab one of our NOBH buttons to place on your blog so others can find NOBH! Thanks!

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thanks for stopping by Tracy! Good to know I’m not a crazy Mom!! LOL

  • Angela

    I’m thinking of carrying a potty in the car too. It’s going to be interesting having the 2 of them running around all over the place together. We are going to be in pretty good shape this summer…LOL

  • Cee

    We have a spare potty for those instances. It stays in the trunk with a Lysol Wipe kit of it’s own. Ikea has a great potty for $3!! Seriously!

    For hubby’s ball nights, I don’t go to everyone of them because they don’t always fit into the bedtime routine. But this year, we’ll be getting her a bike helmet to wear at the games. Last year, I could contain her enough…this year, there’s no way.

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Ikea Potty bought! – next.. bike helmet! Thanks Cee!!

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