The holiday from H-E-double hockey sticks

Well…what an end to 2010. Both my husband and I were on vacation, which should be a happy, relaxing time. Um YA-RIGHT! We were all sick… I had the ear-nose-throat thing that was going around, and the hubby and little miss had the stomach bug (yummy). Literally every single day we had off right up to the 3rd of January was a write off and consisted of PJ’s, keeping hydrated and making sure the Kleenex was stocked up.

Christmas day was great! Good food, good company and “M” got completely spoiled. The garbage man probably had a coronary when he saw all the garbage and recycling that went out the next week. Did you ever realize how much packaging is in 1 child’s toy? Take a look next time…such a waste.

Anyways, sorry to go off track…lol. So ya, our “vacation” consisted of a walk-in visit, 1 stop off at the hospital (just to be sure), 3 or 4 trips to Shoppers, antibiotics and lots of movies and sleep. I soooo wished we were feeling better. It was the first year she would have kinda “got” the whole Christmas thing so I was a little disappointed that I was so sick, and really she wasn’t as interested as I thought she’d be.

So basically… Bah Humbug to Christmas 2010… here’s hoping 2011’s is virus free!

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