Six random facts about me… and my infertility

Just like Sandy, I also think these lists are always fun to do so here I go:

1)   I have a recurring dream in which my loving mom denies me as her daughter (I believe Freud would relate this to my infertility).

2)  I am not jealous of your pregnancy or motherhood, please share it with me.

3)   I’m infertile for 15 years now. That’s many years of dreaming of names for possible future babies. It also proves to me that names have a lot to do with trends BUT I may say that I still like the first names I thought about.

4)   Instead of it becoming easier to go through Mother’s Day, every year it’s becoming harder. During the last one I hardly contained my tears on the phone with my mom and then  locked myself at home and had a “good” cry.

5)   I don’t think I deserve a child more than you do but I do feel like slapping you if you tell me “you don’t know how lucky you are for not having kids” (even if it is a very desperate day for you, sorry but I won’t be empathic after those words).

6)  I feel proud that I have the courage to go through fertility treatments (e.g. I know it’s not that much of a big deal but still… imagine weeks after weeks of injecting yourself daily).

I’d love to read six random things about you & your infertility.

  • azenhas

    Regarding 6), it IS a big deal! The daily injections, the constant scans and blood tests, and, above all, the stress that comes with it. Do carry on feeling proud, it’s your prerogative! [[]]

  • sandra

    awww, thanks Azenhas! {:)}

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