Oh Infertility!

Hello, my name is Sandra. I’m married to the-best-guy-ever and have a stepson who is the-best-stepson-ever. I have a great life – my dream job, a loving family and friends, a lot of hobbies. But, I always have spare time for one more hobby. I have been fighting infertility for some time now. It seems that I want to stop having spare time. You know, I have my cake, but the cherry is missing.

So. We fell. Again.

That’s it: this treatment didn’t lead us to the so desired pregnancy. I haven’t been very busy here at Oh Infertility! But do believe that almost everyday I think “Oh, I should write about that for OI!” but my state of mind has been so down I haven’t had the drive for anything other than automatic behaviour. So, seeing that I am now willing to be myself again and do the things I left behind, I plan on coming here more...

June 13, 2013 Read Blog

Six random facts about me… and my infertility

Just like Sandy, I also think these lists are always fun to do so here I go: 1)   I have a recurring dream in which my loving mom denies me as her daughter (I believe Freud would relate this to my infertility). 2)  I am not jealous of your pregnancy or motherhood, please share it with me. 3)   I’m infertile for 15 years now. That’s many years of dreaming of names for possible future babies. It also proves to me that names have...

May 31, 2013 Read Blog

Run away

I have not. Well, let’s say that in a certain way I did run, as one is just letting it be. It has been exactly four months since my IVF treatment was interrupted and I was back to the good ol’ pain of infertility in its whole shape of inability and helplessness. So I let time go by (a little). I invented a few full-time hobbies. Now it is time to stop and feel it all again. As soon as my next period is here my dearest is calling the...

April 9, 2013 Read Blog

Courage & Fear

How much courage does one need to decide to have a child? Why should one have a baby? What’s the point in bringing a child to this crazy, violent, hostile world? Really, why should one even consider all the trouble around having the risk to love someone like it hurts, more than you ever thought you could bear (I heard it’s something like that), and know that this will be the most important dimension of your life ‘til the day you die?...

February 26, 2013 Read Blog

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