Q & A: Two month old doesn’t nap!

Hi there,

My two month old son doesn’t nap during the day. He cat naps for maybe 15-minutes after he falls asleep nursing, but very rarely has longer naps. If we go out during the day (car ride or stroller ride) he will nap the entire time we are out, but at home, it’s party time.

Any tips or advice on getting him to nap longer?

Please & Thank you.

Hi Carri,

As a general rule, it’s tough to predict what any 2 month old is going to do. One day he may have two long naps, while on a different day, he may not sleep at all! These are the joys of having an infant. Having said that, you can definitely teach him a thing or two. Firstly, make sure that all your feeds are solid feeds. If you do this, it will be easier to spread them out. Your goal should be to feed every three hours. (Remember – that’s just a goal, not a must) Secondly, whenever you put him down for a nap, he should be in his crib, awake. You can help him fall asleep, but not with your boob, and not by holding him. You can rub his back, give him a pacifier, or sing to him, but no boob! Controlled crying is fine – you’re there and you’re helping him.

I hope these tips will be helpful!


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