Q & A: My Daughter has Eczema

Q: My 10 month old daughter has been diagnosed with eczema.  My doctor has given me a prescription cream to use but I’m not comfortable applying such a strong cream to her skin. Do you have a suggestion for something for her skin that is not as strong?
A: Eczema in babies and children is becoming increasingly common.  Although the rash is on the skin for the naked eye to see, the underlying problem causing her skin to become red, itchy, dry, and sometime leak clear fluid is in fact inside her body. You can apply a herbal based cream or salve to soothe the irritation and itching.  I recommend a chamomile and zinc based herbal salve or a red clover cream to use as needed on the eczema.  Although the creams can help soothe the itching and irritation, you still need to address the root cause of the rash.  Your daughter’s little liver is responsible for detoxifying everything entering her body and when the liver is not able to keep up with processing all the toxins on a daily basis, the skin takes over to get every day toxins out.  This is what causes irritation to the skin, resulting in eczema.  Rashes can also be caused by food allergies or sensitivities so you may want to consider that as a trigger for her eczema.  I find the two most common food intolerances for children are cows dairy products (including formula) and wheat containing grains.  Replacing these foods with healthy, nutrient dense foods for a short period of time, in combination with a supplement of omega 3 fish oils and probiotics can help clear up her skin quickly, safely, and the without side effects prescription medications may have.  If you eliminate some foods for a trial period as suggested above or want to supplement with therapeutic products, be sure to consult with a qualified health professional to give you guidance on what foods to include to make sure she is meeting her everyday nutritional needs and what dosages are safe for your child’s age and weight.

Dr. Carly Wendler BA.Sc., N.D.

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