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My name is Dr. Carly Wendler and I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest and passion for perinatal health, that is all things fertility, pregnancy, birth, babies, and post-partum. I offer a range of naturopathic services to my community and patients including well pregnancy visits, well baby visits, and treatment for all conditions or concerns related to moms, babies, and families. I not only wear the hat of a naturopathic doctor but that of a mom to my toddler son Finnigan. Being pregnant and birthing my son (using hypnobirthing!) has further heightened my passion for mom and baby centred care and informed choice for all parents. I hope to bring information and confidence to every parent I meet so that they can make a truly well informed, safe choice for their child and family.

Q & A: Pregnant after the pill

Q: My doctor says I can try and get pregnant right away after stopping the pill. What's your opinion? A. Technically yes, you can try to get pregnant as soon as you stop taking contraceptives. Although it is possible and many women do get pregnant right away, it is a good idea to give your body a chance to detoxify the synthetic hormones you've been taking. Because contraceptives are synthetic hormones, they are not detoxified and eliminated...

April 2, 2013 Read Blog

Q & A: What to look for in prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement

Q: What should I look for in a prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement? A: A comprehensive prenatal should include most of the vitamins and minerals, just like a regular multivitamin.  Your prenatal should be free of vitamin A, as this has a risk of toxicity for your developing fetus.  Vitamin A a fat soluble vitamin and may be stored to reach levels toxic to a growing fetus.  There are different forms of vitamins and minerals and you should...

February 11, 2013 Read Blog

Q & A: Mandatory Vaccinations to Enter School

Q: Is is mandatory for my child to be vaccinated to enter school? A: There are a few technicalities in the vaccination policies of Canada that make this an often asked question in my office. Vaccination policies differ across Canada and only 3 provinces (Ontario, New Brunswick, and Manitoba) have vaccination policies in place for children about to enter school. That being said, there are exemption clauses which enable you, as a parent, to...

January 29, 2013 Read Blog

Q & A: Finger Foods for Toddlers

Q: What do you recommend as finger foods for toddlers? A. During roughly the first 6 months of food introduction (usually from 6-12 months of age) complementary foods to breastmilk or formula are intended more as a sensory experience than to replace the nutrition provided by milk.  The food you are introducing to your child at this impressionable stage will forever affect his/her taste preferences, appetite, and lifelong health. ...

November 20, 2012 Read Blog

Q & A: My Daughter has Eczema

Q: My 10 month old daughter has been diagnosed with eczema.  My doctor has given me a prescription cream to use but I’m not comfortable applying such a strong cream to her skin. Do you have a suggestion for something for her skin that is not as strong?     A: Eczema in babies and children is becoming increasingly common.  Although the rash is on the skin for the naked eye to see, the underlying problem causing her skin to become...

October 31, 2012 Read Blog

Q & A: My Child is Underweight

My pediatrician says my child is underweight. He suggests supplementing with formula or pediasure. What should I do?   The growth and development of infants and children is complex, intricate, and most importantly, individual. Each child has a unique genetic makeup and this, combined with unique environmental and social circumstances, helps dictate how a child grows. It is too simplistic to take a child’s weight and conclusively say...

October 10, 2012 Read Blog

Q & A: I think my baby has reflux

I suspect my baby has reflux. What should I be looking for? Are there treatments for reflux aside from the standard prescription or over-the-counter medications? For newborns the common signs of reflux may include vomiting (especially after meals), irritability, arching of the body, gagging, choking, food aversion, head turning, and failure to thrive. You may also want to consider reflux if your baby appears uncomfortable in a bucket car...

September 25, 2012 Read Blog

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