Q & A: Mandatory Vaccinations to Enter School

Q: Is is mandatory for my child to be vaccinated to enter school?

A: There are a few technicalities in the vaccination policies of Canada that make this an often asked question in my office. Vaccination policies differ across Canada and only 3 provinces (Ontario, New Brunswick, and Manitoba) have vaccination policies in place for children about to enter school. That being said, there are exemption clauses which enable you, as a parent, to decline vaccinations for your child citing religious or medical grounds, or simply for reasons of conscience.  This means no one can be forced to be vaccinated in Canada and it is not mandatory in the public school system or public day care centres to be vacinated prior to entry.  Private schools may be an exception as they have the ability to create and enforce their own policies.  For more information on vaccination exemptions please visit http://vran.org/exemptions/

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  • ilithyia223

    Thank you for posting this. This is so refreshing to see.

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