Price Matching Momma

I’ve always been fascinated by all of those couponing and price saving shows that you see on TV. These people are at times getting paid to shop based on the coupons and flyers that they’ve collected. How is this possible? Well in the U.S. they don’t have the stipulations that we do here in Canada. Here we are faced with limitations i.e.: not to be used in conjunction with other coupons.

After realizing that couponing here would never be what it is for our friends in the South, I thought that having to spend $3/lb on seedless grapes was inevitable and that my savings would always be next to nothing.

Then I started digging a bit deeper and asking some of my mommy friends how they save money especially on groceries. Saving money is important now more than ever for our family since I’m currently not receiving any form of income after deciding to take an unpaid leave of absence to raise our little girls.

I was then introduced to the world of price matching, and what an amazing world it is! Select stores will match any competitors price on the same item. There are some stipulations i.e.: sizes, origin and brand names must all match in order to price match.

There are some great ways that make price matching easier than ever thanks to the wonderful world of apps. There are apps that allow you to search for items on your grocery list through all online flyers in your area. Basically you make up your shopping list in one app and then search for deals in the other. So simple.

I’ve been price matching successfully now for a couple of months and each time I go I save on average about $25. That might not seem like much but that means a savings of about $100/month at the very least.

I now refuse to pay full price on anything if there’s a way around it. Flyers, price matching, coupons and doing cost comparisons online, there’s always a deal to be had.

I am proud to say that this price matching momma will never again pay $3/lb on seedless grapes.

  • young papa

    What apps are out there to price match? Right now I am going through the flyers and bringing them to the store.

    • ashley

      I use flipp. its great and i have friends that use rebee

  • Brianne

    young papa to answer your question:
    I use the same as ashley. flipp app is amazing. It’s free and what I love most about it is that you can search specific items i.e.: apples, cheese, etc and then once you find the best deal you can ‘clip’ them and it saves them to your clippings.
    Rebee is a good app too, but the only reason I really use it is because it releases flyers a day earlier than flipp.
    If you really get into money saving you can also use Checkout51, SnapSaves by Groupon and Zweet. These apps allow you to take a picture of your receipt and submit it on certain items for ‘cash back.’ Once you hit a certain dollar amount they’ll send you a cheque :)

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