Opening a New Daycare Door

I hate change. It is one of my biggest weaknesses. Change makes me nervous, anxious and uncomfortable.

Yet, life with children is full of change. It’s inevitable. As they grow things are bound to change. Recently, we have had to make a change to our daycare provider and it has been more difficult than I imagined.

Our daycare provider has been a part of our family for five years. Our children have been occupying a spot in her home and in her heart for so long that the thought of anyone else taking her place makes me nervous. She knew my daughter before she was even born. When Mr. T. first started attending daycare in her home he barely spoke ten words but within just a few short weeks he was speaking in sentences. She is amazing. Kind, patient, loving, everything you would ever want in someone who is caring for your children. Crafts, games, play, story time was all a part of their day on a regular basis. She made them healthy homemade lunches just as she would make for her own kids. In her care is where the obsession with perogies began! She fostered such wonderful friendships between all of the children in her care. Each and every child who entered her home was loved.

Leaving my children in daycare was such a difficult decision for me. I wanted nothing more than to stay home with them. Financially, for us, it wasn’t an option at the time. We poured over the different daycare options. Should we choose a centre, hire a nanny or go for home daycare? Would Montessori be our best bet? There were so many options.

After researching, visiting daycares and interviewing, what felt like a million, different daycare providers we settled on a home daycare with an agency. We felt like it was the best mix of a licensed centre with the comfort of home for our kids. From the very beginning I had a great feeling about our provider. She eased my worries and made the transition of being a working mother so much easier.

Fast forward five years and our bond has grown even more. I put genuine thought into her Christmas gifts, she has attended events in my home and my kids even ask if they are going to see her on weekends. To this day I still wish I could stay home with my kids but if I have to go to work and leave them with anyone I’m glad it’s been her.

Now here I am in a position where we have to make a change. We have moved and it’s just not an option to get to her place anymore. This has been such an emotional decision for me. I can’t imagine my kids with anyone else and I am questioning my decision every day.

I’ve had my cry and we will miss her terribly but life goes on. Luckily the need for me to research providers in our new city is keeping me busy so I don’t have time to focus on missing her. No one will ever replace her but it is time to move on. Although I’m not comfortable with it, change is a part of life. I have to get used to it and my children have to get used to it. While I am mourning the closing of one door I am celebrating the opening of the next. I don’t know what will come next in terms of childcare but my kids are definitely excited to see what’s coming.

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