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The fabulous people at Kids CBC invited me to a tweet up last week. I spent the day with some fantastic mom bloggers, mompreneurs and all around inspiring women!

One of the most impressive women in the bunch was Ali Eisner – the woman behind Mamma Yamma. She was funny, friendly and so patient. She happily allowed some of us to film personalized messages to our kids from the one and only Mamma Yamma!

I have to say that my kids were so impressed! They couldn’t believe that I had spent the day with Mamma Yamma and that she knew their names. She even said that I was cool! (ha!) They were over the moon to hear that I was in the Caboose and that I actually spent some time with Patty Sullivan. They were completely star struck!

My daughter watched the personalized video on my iPhone so many times that she accidentally deleted it. That’s right. She deleted it. And no, I didn’t sync my iPhone with my computer. So it’s gone forever.

One video that I do have – which was the wonderful idea of my friend Maria over at Boredmommyblog.com – is a special message from Mamma Yamma about Oh Baby! Magazine.

Check it out:

Thanks CBC Kids! I’m looking forward to great things from you and sharing them with our Oh Baby! Magazine readers!

  • Maria

    that’s awesome!!!! I wanna meet yamma Mamma!! see u manana!

  • Mary

    Thats fantastic! My girls LOVE Kids CBC. How awesome is Mamma Yamma!!!

  • Baby Bottom Line

    Super cute!!!

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