My toddler wants to do everything herself…

So… my daughter wants soooo badly to do everything herself…but she just can’t. She doesn’t crawl or walk…she “scoots”. She can brush her own hair and teeth, helps a lot when getting her dressed and it’s even to the point where she undoes her diaper for me when it needs to be changed.

My almost 15 month old takes her own shoes and socks off, puts her hat on and off, lets me put chapstick on her and even rubs in the sunscreen when I put a bit on her legs. Um…excuse me, when did she turn 16?

It’s the weirdest thing… sometimes I look at her and I flash back to seeing the 3 pounder in the incubator…that was being fed through a tube…then I wake up from my little dream to see a little person giving me a dirty look and asking for her milk and a snack. Where has the time gone?

She’s just at that in-between stage of “I want to do it myself” and then I get the “Mom HELP” when she can’t do whatever she’s trying to do. I have to admit I still like the fact that she isn’t walking because it still means that she needs me… but the annoying thing is when she falls and tips over… but that’s all about learning and growing. I guess us Moms are just there to fix the “boo-boos” and make something to eat eh?

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