Exactly how much can I do? Ask my wife…

You might be wondering why they call me Do It All Daddy.

This is my first post since the launch of the website, and you might be thinking, “If he’s the Do It All Daddy, then why isn’t he blogging often?” I do it ALL…that’s the reason. I’m too busy.

Here’s a prime example of why I’m the Do It All Daddy:

I’m working these crazy European hours – 2 am to 5 pm – out of my home office. By 7 am I’ve already done 5 hours of work, spoken to Presidents, CEOs, VPs, Marketing Directors (all in France). I’ve reprimanded my staff for being late – again! What is it about these youngsters? (but that’s a post for another time)

At about 7:30 [am] I get a distress message from this crazy woman who happens to be my wife. “I need help!” I’m thinking maybe she needs a little ‘you know what,’ but she needs help with the kids. They are (apparently) not cooperating. What I forgot to mention is that it’s been two weeks since I’ve been doing these hours – and I’m dead tired.

So I go upstairs to help her get the kids ready for school and daycare, because for some reason she needs help.

Not only do I get upstairs and the kids have not even started to get ready, but she says to me – after having 5 more hours of sleep than me daily for the last two weeks – “I have a headache, these kids are driving me crazy and I’m hot and sticky. I need a shower now.” Isn’t the headache excuse something you say when I come knockin’ on your door? I guess at 7:30 when we are all in the bathroom it has a whole other meaning.

So she took a 25 minute shower, while I got them ready. In all fairness she picked out their clothes – that’s one thing I can’t do. I made them breakfast, and she came down all ready and moisturized and fresh to start her day.

On the walk to drop the kids off she says, “Man I’m so tired!” – really?!

Need I say more?

  • Anonymous

    Great to hear about a totally committed and involved DAD! 

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