My self-esteem during pregnancy

I am 26 weeks pregnant and I love it, although I have had some ups and downs. My biggest down right now is the lack of sleep. The baby sits right on my ribs and it has been pretty painful for me. I would say if I got 3 solid hours of sleep at night, I am pretty lucky. My other down is how I feel about how I look. I’m a little frustrated that most of the maternity clothes I own from when I was pregnant with my Princess don’t fit me. Everyone keeps telling me I look great but that is usually after being told how I look huge for 26 weeks or are you sure it’s not twins. I have also been told a few times that from behind, you can’t even tell I’m pregnant.

Well, I finally had a boost to my self esteem the other day. Most of the compliments you get, are from people you know. So they are obligated to be nice and tell you the things you want to hear right? The best compliments, are the ones that come from people you don’t know.

Last week, I was walking back to work from picking up some lunch from a restaurant down the street. There was a car stopped at a red light and the driver started honking the horn and whistling at me. This normally aggravates me. I think it’s rude and I don’t appreciate it. When I turned around to give the guy a dirty look, to let him know I didn’t like it, I saw a look of shock in his face. He right away started to apologize, and said that he didn’t know I was pregnant. Well, this actually made my day. I guess there is some truth to “you can’t tell that I’m pregnant from behind.” Now when I get a compliment, I take it and appreciate it for what it is. And too think, any other day I might have given that guy the look of death and maybe had some nasty words for him…LOL

  • Jessica

    did you only have singleton births…’cause if so i wouldn’t wine to much about the pain…i had triplets, they moved constantly & bulged every direction….don’t get me wrong is was uncomfortable but not painful

    • Angela

      I get that Jessica.  The baby is sitting on the nerve, which is painful but I am not pain tolerant so what is painful to me may be just an itch to someone else.

  • Abc

    I completely agree with the lack of self esteem. I was so excited about being pregnant and had a relatively easy pregnancy. But combined with the normal pregnancy hormones, I found it difficult to deal with comments that were anything but positive. Try on “You’re only 6months along?” or “You’re sure you aren’t having twins” type comments and along with everything else it is easy to feel a bit yucky. Keep your head up and know that at the end of it all you will have another little one to lighten up your life and who will always let you know how special you are.

  • Lydia Fredin

    People always tell me they can’t tell i’m pregnant from behind. After reading your article I believe them a little more. :)

  • Lydia Fredin

    People always tell me they can’t tell i’m pregnant from behind. After reading your article I believe them a little more. :)

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