Move over Martha…I got this!

So M’s 3rd bday is coming up and man this one is driving me crazy! She wanted a Cat in the Hat theme this year, and it’s like pulling teeth to find anything “Seuss-esq” here in Canada. Me, being the party planner that I am still everything is under control… kinda!

Sign made, balloons ordered, all the accessories including making Thing 1 and Thing 2 out of clay and feathers done! Cake, cupcakes, cake pops, candy table – CHECK! Even have a costume for the bro-in-law to get forced into to read all the kiddies a book. Funnily enough, it actually didn’t take that much coaxing to actually get him to do it BONUS! I was able to find some Cat in the Hat teaching supplies to save me some time and effort, which was perfect timing – banner, cut-outs, huge Cat – awesome!

Crayon rolls in Cat in the Hat fabric, activity booklets made and stovepipe hats all done. I’m even going to paint their faces before the book reading and take a pic in the make-shift photo-booth I’m planning. Even have a fishbowl full of goldfish crackers in mind for centre pieces! Food will be ordered and made night before. Man, I may actually be ready for the 3 hours of craziness I am willfully torturing myself with!

Would love to hear how you all celebrate your little ones birthdays! Big or small…themes and all! (OMG I’ve been so encompassed in everything Seuss I’m actually speaking in rhyme now).

To top it off, I think I’m actually more excited than she is. Yes, as you read this I know what you’re thinking, that I’m completely nuts, going overboard and possibly may have OCD. To that I concur. I think you need a little-bit of crazy to have kids and to fully enjoy them. So cheers to loving Sweetpea and being a little off my rocker!

PS – I’ll be sure to take pics of all my crazy creations and share them with you!

  • Shauna McCourt

    Awesome theme! I am doing the same for my boys 1st birthday :)
    I couldnt agree with you more about the lack of Dr. Seuss items in Canada! I have had to make a lot of items myself…but it’s been real fun! eBay had a few items as well.

    You mentioned you got a huge cat—where from? This is one thing I have been searching everywhere for with no luck.

    Can’t wait to see your pictures from the event :)



    • Baby Bottom Line

      Hi Shauna :)

      It’s been fun…just A LOT of work! The cat I found at Michael’s in the techers supplies! Tons of stuff there :)

      Good luck! Let me know how yours goes!

  • Patricia Szendrey

    Awesome Theme! We are doing under the sea meets elmo for my daughters 2nd bday this year! 

    • Lise

      LOVE IT!

      I did Sesame last year! It was a blast!

  • Keltie

    I love the theme for your daughter’s 3rd b-day! I was always a fan of Dr. Seuss growing up myself, and can’t count how many times I read Cat in the Hat. Too bad it’s been so difficult to find the Seuss themed party requirements you’ve been looking for. Kind of shocked that Dr.Seuss wouldn’t be more easily found in Canada. Anyways, I hope you post some pictures from M’s birthday! Have a fun party :) 

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thanks so much Keltie!

  • Jules

    I love it!!! Theme birthdays are the best. It was Mickey Mouse for my son’s first bday, and Cars for his 2nd. Not sure what we will do this year.

    • Baby Bottom Line

      You can always do Dr. Seuss! Make ham sandwiches and deviled eggs with green filling! :)

  • Lee-Ann Webber-Warner

    I am the same for Elmo, I have had to buy almost all the stuff for my daughters 2nd birthday in May online.  It costs more (shipping), and had to use 2 different companies.  Next year I am doing Princesses, they are everywhere (dollar store, Walmart, Zellers..).   I go over board on my kids b-days but have so much fun in the planning.

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Totally agree! I bought a lot off Etsy too! They have some super cute stuff!

  • steph russell

    Going to themed birthday parties is also lots of fun!  It’s amazing how creative some parents are these days!  We just went to a party last weekend that was a cookie monster theme – the cake was amazing!! 

    • Baby Bottom Line

      When I did Sesame Street last year… we had cupcakes that looked like cookie monster with half a cookie sticking out of his mouth! They looked awesome, everyone loved them and people are still talking about them!

  • JJ

    great ideas!!!!

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thanks JJ! :)

  • Maria

    Can’t wait to see pictures.  Sounds like its going to be great.  You should definitely do the fishbowls with goldfish – love it.  My daughter will be 4 in September.  So far we’ve had an Abby Cadabby party, a Dora the Explorer party and a Disney Princess party.  I think the next one will be a Barbie party.  Well hope your party goes great – good luck!

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thanks so much Maria! I have a feeling the Disney Princess theme will be coming my way in the next few years!

  • CD

    Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing party!  My daughter is turning 2 and she’s obsessed with Elmo.  So it’s going to be all Elmo for her party this year.

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thanks! ohhh…Elmo… how I don’t miss him… LOL. She was obsessed for the last 2 years!

  • Kelly

    My son is obsessed with ‘mean robot’ (wall-e).. I made a wall-e cake(which turned out better than I expected).. And a robot photo prop with a hole cut out for the child’s face … I used old coffee cans for serving snacks .. I love planning themes but I always leave everything till the last minute!

  • Kelly

    My son is obsessed with ‘mean robot’ (wall-e).. I made a wall-e cake(which turned out better than I expected).. And a robot photo prop with a hole cut out for the child’s face … I used old coffee cans for serving snacks .. I love planning themes but I always leave everything till the last minute!

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