In a Soap Utopia

I have found a new product that I am currently in love with. For those of you who don’t know, I have always tried to be an activist for locally grown and made products. This year I’ve again made a pledge to buy more from small independent artists, designers, crafters and farmers. Being a crafter myself, I understand the love and dedication that goes into these products, and in buying them I feel like I am giving something back to my fellow artisans.

Last fall I attended a local craft show to pick up some unique gifts to give to friends and family over the holidays, and that is when I discovered Soap Utopia. These handmade soaps and lip balms are amazing. Not only are they lovely smelling, my favorite being the coconut lime, it reminds me of warm breezy beach days in the tropics, margarita in hand. But they left my skin feeling wonderful, and knowing my toddler could use the same soap since they are free of harsh detergent, phosphates and sulfates make me feel good.

I could go on and on about this stuff, about how soft my lips were after using their lip balms, or how the owner and operator Lily is a sweetheart who places orders at lightening speed and always sneaks a little tidbit in the box for you.

Now I am giving you an opportunity to try these products for yourself.  I am giving away a lovely little gift set courtesy of Lily from Soap Utopia. To enter to win, please leave a comment at the end of this blog and your name will be entered into a draw to win!

Contest is closed.

Congratulations to Ann D!

  • Joelle

    Sounds like a great product!

  • Meghan Danells

    Love trying homemade products

  • gail

    would love to try

  • Myrataal21

    I would love to try this for me and my baby too!

  • Shannon

    Love supporting local.  Only makes sense to me ;)

  • Brenda

    I LOVE soaps!  This is a new company to me and I am very happy make your acquaintance!  Your products look amazing!

  • Pure Ness

    Sounds great to me!

  • katsika

    Love to try these. Thanks

  • Mel

    I would love to try these soaps!

  • Alecia

    It is SO nice to see the Candian Flag next to ‘Made In’ & ‘Designed In’.

  • Irene O

    pick me! i want to smell lovely and limey and coconuty.

  • Trisha

    I’ve been considering buying better soap products like this for my family.  I would love to try these!

  • Christina

    I am always on the look out for non-toxic products that won’t cause allergic reactions for me or my family.  These soaps and balms sound great.  Are there any plans for expanding their product line – moisturizers, shampoo?

    • CrissieC

      Lily is working on expanding the line as I type this! Keep going back to her page or e-mail her directly at

  • Janicebenavides

    My youngest has very sensitive skin, I’d love to give this stuff a try :)

  • Anna D

    You both look beautiful! I’m glad you are supporting artisans.

  • Linda

    That Sweet Bee soap sounds wonderful–love honey products and also hand made!

  • Natalia Dzu

    I love hand made soaps they all smells good and good for your skin.I like that my kids can use it too.thanks

  • Anonymous

    Handmade soap is always a real treat! The coconut lime sounds divine and I love your description of the images it conjures up.

  • Stacey

    This would be awesome to win! Would love to try the products!!!

  • Anita

    My family has very sensitive skin and we are always looking for products that are homemade and natural.  We would to try this product.

  • Joanne White

    I love using natural products, these sound very appealing to me and the fact they are homemade is fantastic!

  • Lori

    We only use natural bath products here, would love to try a new kind! We currently purchase Just The Goods soaps as well as shave cream & toothpaste.

  • Jen M.

    How wonderful to support local artisans who have such passion and creativity!  Homemade soap is not only healthier to use than some of the chemical soaps in stores, but it also smells bettter and the packaging is so beautiful!

  • Mai__Le

    I actually want to start making my own organic soap. I have been thinking about starting my own organic baby soap line and sell it online. Being a new mom you want the best and most nautural products to use on your baby. 

  • Niki

    The coconut lime one sounds awesome! I also love locally grown/made products. It means so much to the community to support them!

  • Hgcourch

    I would be willing to try these lovely products on my new baby boy who has very sensitive skin

  • Nicole Marie

    I love products like these. The less chemicals the better!

  • Victoria Mcphail

    I would love to try these products! It is nice to have products we can trust for use on our children!

  • Judy

    It would be wonderful to win this prize package.  My daughter-in-law with her 3 young ones, a 3 year old and one year old twins, is always looking for products with less chemicals and this product sounds ideal for them.  Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    These seem like really lovely beautiful soap..I would love to win them.

  • Jen Zakrzewski

    I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I am always looking for gentle and natural products for me and my family!

  • Angela M

    I love handmade soap too.  My cousin makes some lovely soap that she sells at craft fairs and at our local farmer’s market every weekend, so I am lucky that I always have a stockpile of her natural soap on hand.

  • Sly Kat

    It makes me happy to see local artisans being supported!

  • lorena Dilisi

    It makes me happy to see local artisans being supported!

  • cairine

    I too buy homemade soaps and lip balms at local farmers markets. It’s great to be able to support local products.

  • Shelly Kristianson

    Looks like something I would love to try :)

  • angela V

    These soaps look beautiful. I would love to win them.

  • kimberly drodge

    These seem like lovely products i’d love to try them

  • Sherocks2004

    Would love to win, I LOVE Soap Utopia products!

  • Navanthey

    This would be a great product to try on baby and me!

  • Navanthey

    This looks right up my wife’s alley, she loves to try natural stuff for the baby

  • Anonymous

    I would love to try Soap Utopia products

  • sandy

    Thsi soap probably smells great, too!  Handmade stuff is the best.

  • Intensev5

    Thanks for the chance to win. 

  • Anonymous

    i’d love to try these products

  • Mummsyme

    I would love to try these they look great

  • Niki

    This would be perfect for my new baby girl who has sensitive skin (even broke out with a rash when I tried to use a ‘soft’ baby soap on her. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Dan

    I would love a chance to win this great product, thank you for the info and the contest Crissie! :)

    • CrissieC

      Your welcome Dan! :D I’m a sucker for a good thing!

  • Anonymous

    Great gift for my sister

  • Pmkpmk1

    I love handmade soap

  • Anonymous

    i only  use  hand  made  soaps  and  am a  huge   FAN. love  it.once  you use these   soaps  youll neever  go  back  .

  • Susan Meikle

    Looking to try any product which would help with my eczema on my hands

  • Joking

    thanks for the chance I love trying new things. 

  • Edie2010

    Wow…I would love to try these soaps…what a fantastic prize

  • Eric Leung

    would love to try them!

  • Luna B

    Hand made soaps are the best!

  • Dave

    Would LOVE to win!

  • joycelgm

    Our local craft show is this weekend and I’ll be checking out all the crafters.  It’s always nice to try new products.

  • Alison Braidwood

    The “flavours” look fabulous. Would love to try these.

  • ABeer

    Wow, the soaps look lovely!

  • Deb P

    These sound lovely.  Hand made soaps are such a little luxury

  • debbie paisley

    I love handmade soap.

  • elizamatt

    sounds like just the sort of thing I love

  • Nate

    Hope I win I like handmade sopa

  • Anonymous

    What beautiful packaging!

  • Erika Kliciak

    The coconut lime sounds great, I like scents that remind me of good things.

  • Andreavk_2000

    Lavendar would be my favorite

  • JulieR

    Coconut Lime would be my favourite too. This weather we are having makes me wish I had a margarita on the beach!

  • 409cope

    Coconut Lime soap sounds yummy!

  • brandy

    The soap looks wonderful!!

  • angela

    would love to try this product

  • Anu

    I would love to try this product as it looks great!

  • Di Osborne Henderson

    Looks so good~thank you

  • Leslie

    hope I win  great prize

  • Tanzyn

    Looks very nice, would love to try it:)

  • Diananders

    Love good soaps,they lather and smell so nicely. this prize looks great

  • Mikeg70

    Would love to win!

  • Wackoang

    Great site… thanks for the contest!

  • Plur268

    count me in please!

  • ak

    natural is the way to go!  thanks for the opportunity

  • ak

    natural is the way to go!  thanks for the opportunity

  • Dakotarose300

    Great site & this sounds like a wonderful product! I’d love to win this awesome prize… thank you for the opportuniyt!

  • Alexander Stephens

    hope to win Alexander

  • lindawwww

    I’d love to have a chance to try these beautiful soaps.

  • l pete

    They sound wonderful – thanks for the opportunity to win some.

  • Anonymous

    lovely products !

  • Kitsa Tsivoulas

    great products

  • Athena

    These sound so great!

  • Delores V

    Would love to try these soaps, they look wonderful

  • Anonymous

    These soaps look lovely. I’d love to try the coconut lime. It’s sounds so delicious.

  • sharpey

    nice to support local businesses, would love to win thanks

  • Donna

    I love lavender homemade soaps

  • Patricia Hachey

    Handmade soap is lovely.

  • Sheila

    I would love to try these products.  They sound wonderful.

  • andreaca

    I would really love to try these. I have never tried homemade soaps before! :)

  • Mottypark

    lovely and classical looking,too.would love to see how nice they are..

  • Soph Yee

    This is great!  I’m also a big advocate of natural skin care products and I love that Soap Utopia is a local company.

  • Ann Demill

    They look wonderful.  I always try to use natural skin care products 

  • Anonymous

    I would love to try these products. I appreciate that they are locally made and are free of harsh chemicals.

  • Mysticmisha

    This soap looks wonderful!  I would love to try it.  Thanks!

  • Ola Baker

    Handmade Soap is awesome

  • Terry

    Great prize, we love handmade soaps

  • Teresa M

    My daughter and I have very sensitive skin.  I would like to try these.

  • Barbara

    I would love to try these! I need some good soap for my dry and sensitive skin. Chemicals irritate it! Barbara

  • Patti

    my daughter has sensitive skin-homemade soap is wonderfull 

  • sharpey

    great prize

  • Alomanilangi

    Great prize… love it

  • trannygirl

    real nice!!

  • sharpey

    love to win

  • Aimeep

    great prize

  • Cybergirl Tay

    I am so excited about the idea of fresh, homemade soap that has ingredients I can actually pronounce! And the scents sound like heaven! – Taylor Bogle

  • Betty S

    I just love homemade soaps

  • sharpey

    prize looks great

  • Elaine

    Soap is what the skin still needs.

  • Dennis

    Imagine the disease we’d have without soap.

  • Denise

    I like luxury soaps.

  • Laura

    Perfume…to swell sweet and fresh.

  • Colin

    I need strong soap to clean up with after working, but gentle on my skin.

  • Elaine

    I love the stuff.

  • Elaine

    I love the stuff.

  • Elaine

    I love the stuff.

  • Dennis

    Couldn’t live without soap.

  • Dennis

    Couldn’t live without soap.

  • Denise

    Make me your winner.

  • Denise

    Make me your winner.

  • Denise

    Make me your winner.

  • Laura

    I like to use it a lot.  I like soapt that is gentle on my sensitive areas.

  • Laura

    I like to use it a lot.  I like soapt that is gentle on my sensitive areas.

  • Laura

    I like to use it a lot.  I like soapt that is gentle on my sensitive areas.

  • Colin

    I need a soap that I can use eveyday withou tdrying out.

  • Colin

    I need a soap that I can use eveyday withou tdrying out.

  • Colin

    I need a soap that I can use eveyday withou tdrying out.

  • Elaine

    I am hoping to win…even though I am slow to enter.

  • Elaine

    I am hoping to win…even though I am slow to enter.

  • Elaine

    I am hoping to win…even though I am slow to enter.

  • Elaine

    I like unscented soaps.

  • Dennis

    Nothing better than feeling squeaky clean,

  • Colin

    Make my day…and make me a true winner.

  • Denise

    A girl likes smelling pretty.

  • Laura

    That’s a lot of clean!

  • Elaine

    I can’t wait to win!

  • Laura

    I think this is a great idea for a prize…something useful!

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