Milestone Birthdays…Does this mean I have to start lying about my age?

So I have a milestone birthday coming up in 2 weeks and I’m a bit indifferent about the whole thing, but it still kinda sucks. Almost all of my friends are older than I am so I’m not getting any sympathy from them, just the whole, “It’s about time!” or, “Really? I thought you were older…” comments which, really, I don’t know how to take. Do I look older that I am? I don’t think so. I got carded at the liquor store a few weeks ago. It was a total stretch but it made my day so I didn’t care! LOL. Then you think hmm do I make a big deal about this year’s birthday, or should I just sit at home and sulk?

Well, I figured nahhh let’s have a few drinks (which is funny because I don’t actually drink) and some apps. Hang out for a few hours and make it kid friendly if necessary. Here’s my dilemma. I’m kinda sick of the whole go out and buy apps and pre-made munchies. I don’t know what I’m getting myself into but I kinda want to make a few different ones, just to mix it up a bit. I found a bunch of fun alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which should be fun and colourful, cake I figured nah, not going to bother. I tried a few people to see if they could make something and everyone seems to be too busy so there goes the super cute fondant cake out the window, but that’s okay.

Decorations…ya right! More like plates, cups and cutlery so I don’t have to clean any dishes! I’m sure that’s a staple for a lot of people’s parties so I’m not ashamed to be too lazy to clean up after a party and I’m not the only one! LOL. I think that’s pretty much it. So I’m looking for a few good, quick and SUPER EASY appetizer recipes. I mean like the 5 min magical ones, not like cheese sandwich type ones. The fancy shmancy looking ones and some would need to be kid friendly too! Any suggestions would be fantastic!

  • ashley brookes

    Bacon wraps, super easy and good. they take about 20 minutes prep but you make them the night before. take a whole package of bacon, 2 cans of water chestnut some tooth picks and a jar of HV honey and garlic sauce. cut the whole package of bacon in half, drain the water from the chest nuts then take the bacon wrap it around the chesnut and put a tooth pick through to hold it in place. do this will all the bacon then place the wraps in a container with a lid and pour the sauce over. let it soak in the sauce over night. right before the guests arrive pop the wrap in the oven on a tin foil covered baking sheet on boil for ten minute and flip and repeat. I promise you everyone will think they are amazing.

  • CrissieC

    Antipasto Martinis…  In a Martini glass, scoop 1 tablespoon pre made antipasto mix, one melon ball, 1-2 mini boconcini, and a mini breadstick rolled with procuitto. It’s basically the antipasto you would get at a fancy dinner, but in smaller, easy to hold size.

  • Marindagerber

    Fruit kebabs, easy, and yummy!  Kids love it! Deviled eggs, and make a few that looks like a boat for the kids, (you take green, yellow and red peppers cut it into triangles for the sails put it standing up on the filled egg.  Another idea for a bacon wrap that is soooo good is, take the bacon and wrap it around a pittless date, put a toothpich through it to hold it together.  Put it in the oven until bacon is done (5 min?) It is really delicious!  My kids both eat it and can’t get enough. (ages 18 months and 4). Meatballs, cut up different kids of cheeses with a really small cookie cutter.  Looks cute and who doesn’t like cheese! And if you want to make something fun for the kids, take spaghetti and half each stick.  Stick about 5 or so through hot dog wieners lenghtwise, cut up in about 4 or 5 pieces, boil until spaghetti is done, serve with ketchup.

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