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“Happy Parents. Happy Children. Happy Life.” It’s a new Lunch & Learn session introduced into corporate workplaces by Toronto TV personality and parenting expert, Nanny Robina. She is well-known for her appearances on hit Canadian TV programs like The Mom Show, CityLine, Entertainment Tonight Canada, and Breakthrough with Tony Robbins (NBC). Now Nanny Robina is on a mission to provide working parents with valuable tips and techniques for raising happy, healthy, and secure children and for restoring work/life harmony.

“I teach parents how to love their children as much as they love their work,” says Nanny Robina. “I have a no-nonsense approach that combines fun, discipline, and mutual respect. And I teach parents how to give their children the tools to manage their own lives, tasks, needs, and goals.”

But it isn’t just working parents that benefit from her corporate Lunch & Learn sessions. Employers benefit too. By offering this type of employee support at work, employers see an increase in productivity, fewer employee sick days, greater staff camaraderie, and a respectful support system in the office.

About the Lunch & Learn Sessions

During the course of her 30-year career as a Nanny and Governess, Robina Uddin discovered a disconnect between parents and children. “I would arrive to help with a child’s sleep issue, but realized quickly that the parents’ professional lives were not on the same page as their parenting lives.”

Today, her genuine smile, uplifting spirit, and larger than life personality, highlighted by her signature British accent, attract many to her parenting seminars. Her straight talking advice and proven tools are based on clear, simple, and accredited strategies for dishing out loving discipline, bringing balance to the home, and creating a peaceful and playful environment for children.

“My philosophy is to remain flexible,” says Robina. “Routines are important, but families must have fun too and not be afraid to let go….like if it’s raining outside, put some boots on and splash around in some puddles with the kids.”

The Background

Nanny Robina’s genuine love of children and international travel has shaped her solution-based parenting expertise. She has worked with families all over the world including the Middle East, Europe, the U.S., and Canada, helping parents with hot button issues like discipline, manners, play time, meal time, and sleep time. In fact, she has a 95% success rate with her strategy for putting babies to sleep–a skill that is in demand everywhere.

Her corporate Lunch & Learn sessions, speaking engagements, and her one-on-one consultations are full of practical advice and strategies that help make parenting fun, fearless, and full of valuable lessons. It is through her consultations that Nanny Robina noticed three tell-tale signs that parents couldn’t balance work and home. “They didn’t know what their child was all about, they lost communication with the child, and there was no discipline,” she says.

“I once worked for a lady who would think nothing of turning on the laptop while telling a story to her child on the bed,” says Nanny Robina. “That was a woman who had lost control.”  But she says it isn’t just the parents who lose control—the children do too. And they lose respect for their parents.

Helping Families Restore Balance

So to prevent or reverse this behavior in families, Nanny Robina suggests a few strategies designed to help parents get on the right track with work/life balance:

1.     Time management: organize the day to get more family time & less chore time

2.     Balance: leave work at the door when you come home

3.     Ask for help: all hands on deck to help out…kids too

“The timeline for results is different for everyone,” she adds. “The key is to stay true to yourself and what parenting means to you, get over the guilt of working and stand firm with discipline and actions. I encourage parents to leave work at the door and switch on the parenting button!”

A self-proclaimed “open book,” Nanny Robina’s parenting expertise is honest, raw, and appreciated by all who enlist her help. Just look at the feedback and discussions posted each day on her Facebook Fan Page. There she interacts and empathizes with parents everywhere, often replying personally to email queries using warmth, humour, and truth. This is what makes her the ultimate Nanny personality in Canada today.

Visit Nanny Robina online at nannyrobina.com

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