Lisbon with kids… it can be done – quite easily

I find that when you visit a foreign country, how enjoyable your experience is greatly depends on where you sleep. I’ve heard, “I don’t care what my hotel room is like because we’re only there to sleep.” Nope. That doesn’t ring true for me. Call me what you will… a hotel room snob… whatever, but I like to stay in a place where I know my kids will be safe, where I can walk around barefoot, have a lovely shower or bath and sleep in a bed that is comfortable and not going to give me souvenirs. (blergh, bed bugs…)

I have to admit that I’ve stayed in hostels before, but since having children my standards have gone up quite a bit and when we planned our trip to Portugal this summer I was looking for a place to stay in Lisbon, when the Four Seasons came to my attention.

I have never stayed in a hotel that gave my children so much attention. It started with the front desk. When we checked in they gave each of my kids a registration form to fill out. How cute is that? Cute and very clever. What a great way to keep kids occupied while parents check in peacefully without little ones interrupting.

Upon completion of the registration form, they each received a scroll with a map and a finger puppet with the first clue to finding a treasure… They really had fun walking through the hotel to get their special prize.

In their room they were jumping up and down because not only was it adjoined to ours, but they each had their own bed with Mickey and Minnie mouse bed spreads and sheets. An easel with alphabet magnets and a very special personalized message for them was a really nice touch, as well as some really sweet surprises especially for them including DVDs, activity books, a puzzle, and crayons. They really thought of everything.



A much needed snack was also waiting for them. Some chocolate milk and yummy (yes I had to sample it) chocolate chip cookies shaped like teddy bears. How lovely.



In their bathroom, there were two bathrobes. Children sized! The right size for them! They also had a step stool so they could actually reach the faucet and sink to wash their hands as well as some bath toys!



I was just as excited as they were! When I’m outside of my home I am a parent who worries about my kids disrupting other people. It was very nice to be in a place where not only were they welcomed, it felt like they were cherished. After all children are little versions of adults. And let’s face it, if you have happy children everyone is happier.

The attention to detail at the Four Seasons in Lisbon is superb. Every day when we returned to our room from a day of sight seeing there was a snack for all of us. For us, there was port wine one day and tea the next and for the kids there was croissants and milk, and fresh fruit and juice.



We had nightly swims, and even though the swimming pool was a part of the spa, my kids were welcomed there. It was heavenly. If Lisbon wasn’t such a beautiful city I would be tempted to stay in the hotel the entire time.



It really made a big difference that my kids were welcomed and made to feel like a valuable part of our party. They really loved it. Just this morning my daughter told me that she missed her Minnie Mouse bed. Now that looks to me like a guest for life.



Travelling with children can sometimes be far from easy, but I’m happy to say that this hotel really knows their stuff. I am happy to share our experience with you and I’m looking forward to returning.


Follow the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon on Twitter or like them on Facebook. If you’re ever going to Lisbon, I would highly recommend this hotel. Your children will talk about it for years to come.

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