Life is Crazy

So lately I’ve been a little AWOL and I’ll apologize now! Pretty much I’m so busy that, really,  I don’t have time for much of anything anymore. M is in daycare, I’ve got full time work, hubby’s baseball, my baseball plus blogging, my product review site and a new small joint venture as well.  Oh, then I had strep throat, M had a sinus infection (thank you preschool. This one was a weeks’ worth of pure torture) and now my husband is sick…..

If that wasn’t enough we decided to start home renos… arrghh what a mess. Right now it’s only the patio in the back but in the near future the next endeavours will involve a hardwood stair case, 3 bedrooms  and a hallway to hardwood, not to mention the unfinished basement and the front steps I’d like done.

Am I nuts? Uh ya! Plus not to mention a diet, trying to add in more exercise and a crazy 27 month old. Like really? You’d think I’d get a break but no. Hubby goes to baseball, she’s in bed and I’m trying to catch up on any reviews (which really weren’t that many because of the Canada Post Strike) and then I noticed ahhh I haven’t posted anything in forever on Oh Baby!

So now that I’m pretty much done my rant, does anyone know of ways I can relax when I finally have 2 seconds to myself? (Which is rare because once M goes to bed, I then have a cat and dog that don’t leave me alone) It’s almost like I have to lock myself in the bathroom to get a few minutes to myself. Wow… I’m exhausted! Weekends go by faster now but so do the weekdays so that’s not too much of a bad thing.

Needless to say I’ll keep everyone up to speed a little more on what’s going on with us. Twitter, I’m sorry, you are usually the one that gets ignored first but I do keep up with Facebook. You can always hit me up there if you’d like to see what I’m up to.

  • Chantel – momof8crazymonkeys

    I envy you if you are able to get a few seconds alone in the washroom!:)  I can’t even hide in there anymore! 
    When I actually do get a few moments to myself I end up writing – that relaxes me or a glass of wildberry:)
    How are the renos coming along?  I have floors that have needed to be done for a few years now – needless to say the hubby is going to have to fix them soon because the babies will soon be moving around.  Good luck.

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