Pinkalicious The Musical

By: Sandy Pedrogao Pink_Peter_WEB 250

It was time to take my daughter to her first live theatre production. She is three and a half, and I’m sure that by this age my son had already been a few times. You know what they say about the second child…

The wonderful people at the Vital Theatre Company have been offering me tickets for a while, but it seemed that I never had enough time. A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to clear my schedule and to take Alexandra to see Pinkalicious! The Musical. It was Saturday at 11am and we were overscheduled as usual. We had baseball in the morning, and a birthday party in the afternoon. Why not squeeze a visit to the theatre into that? That’s exactly what we did and I’m glad.

As soon as we were seated my daughter was enchanted by the set. She’s quite pinkalicious herself. My almost six year-old son also came with us and it wasn’t long before the show started when he looked around and pointed out that he was the only boy in the entire theater. Apart from the daddy’s of course! I smiled and thought how it wasn’t too long ago when my first-born was a huge fan of pink and always proudly claimed it as his favourite colour.

The show was lovely. It was entertaining, interactive, funny and had some fabulous messages. Love pink of course! Which I think is just fantastic. Pink is sadly viewed as a “girl’s colour” and I don’t understand why parents expect boys not to love a colour that is so pleasing to the eye? After all isn’t pink the new black?

The other: you can eat pink cupcakes, but balance out your diet with greens! Moderation is key and parents are always trying to get their kids to eat greens. This is a message I really appreciated. It was fun and reinforced everything we teach our kids about food.

We had a great time. The cast was talented and friendly. After the show was over we were allowed to take pictures on the set and then there was a special autograph session with the cast. I thought it was very clever of them to include an autograph page in the center of the program.

When I asked my kids on our walk home what they liked most about the play, my daughter just mostly shrugged her shoulders, and this is what they said:

“I loved when Peter turned Pink!” – Andreas, almost six years old.

“I love when the girl was not eating the food that she didn’t like & I love pink cupcakes!” – Alexandra three and a half years old.

Maybe my kids won’t beg me for brussell sprouts for dinner, but I feel that it’s so important to introduce live theatre to our kids. There is not much that compares to being in an audience and really feeling the characters and watching a story come to life through music and dance on a stage. What better way to do this then with musicals written for kids? They just added Angelina Ballerina The Musical to their repertoire, I can tell you where we’ll be next month!

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