Kids think THEY have problems!

With Halloween approaching I asked M what she wanted to be this year. What does she say? A chicken. She was “chicken little” last year. I mentioned that to her and she replied with a “So, I wanna be it again.” I figured hey, I don’t have to buy a costume this year? PERFECT. Until I realized that the costume is somewhere in the basement packed away as its being finished. YIKES!

I figured I should “help” her change her mind quite quickly, because, who wants two chicken costumes? (Hmm, never thought I’d ever say that lol.)  The problem is EVERYTHING she wanted to be we actually have the costume already, I just can’t get to them! A lion, a rabbit, a bee, even an elf! So I took her to the mall to try to pick out a new costume.

She changed her mind 50 times before picking a costume out! Cupcake? No. Owl? No. Tiger? Dragon? Finally she picked out the strawberry one!  I turned to her and said, “Okay, are you sure you want to be a strawberry?”and giggled a bit. She promptly replied with, “Mom, this is serious business!” I literally almost peed myself right in the middle of the store. Three years old and this is, “serious business,” to her! One of the sales associates had overheard and even giggled.

We got to the cash, put it on the counter to pay and asked her one last time if that’s what she wanted to be this year. She replied “Yes!” We paid and left the store. When we got home she wanted to show her Daddy her new costume, I figured this was a good sign – she must be excited about it. Nope! She holds it up and says, “Look what Mom is making me be for Halloween… I wanted to be a tiger!” Great.

  • Angela

    Too funny!  Isn’t it funny how quickly our little ones learn sarcasm?????

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