How early is too early?

So Halloween is around the corner and I for one am very excited. Halloween has always been one of my favorite days. I loved dressing up as a kid, even though the costumes back then were nothing like what you can get now. Do you remember the plastic outfits and masks you can barely see out of? And of course I LOVE candy and I will admit to “stealing” some of my daughter’s candy…well I wouldn’t want her to get cavities!! LOL

I have already bought mine and my little ones costumes. Bella will be going as Rapuntzel (although she does keep changing her mind and asking for the Merida costume), Gian-Michael has an adorable one eyed monster costume and I have a vampire costume. Gian-Michael will be 10 months old and I do plan to take him door to door. He will probably get candy but of course I won’t let him eat any (more for me). Last year I remember some parents coming door to door with kids younger than GM. For Bella’s first Halloween she was 6 months old, I dressed her up and sat with her on my porch handing out candies. This year I am bringing GM out mostly because I am bringing my daughter out. My question is how early is too early? At what age should you start bringing your kids out trick or treating? I think it’s cute to see the little ones all dressed up but is it right to bring them door to door if they don’t have an older sibling with them? Do you give candies out to these kids knowing the candy is obviously for the parents?

I would love to hear what your plans are and your thoughts on this.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

  • Baby Bottom Line

    I took M out for her first Halloween when she could walk. Before that we dressed her up for a friend’s yearly party :)

  • Guest

    My philosophy on Halloween is that if you knock on my door that night, you are getting candy. I don’t care if it is a group of teenagers with no costumes, a baby or adults!

    • Angela

      That’s a great philosophy:)  I do the same but was curious to see what others thought. 

  • Barbara Gallivan

    I seen a tshirt made for pregnant women with a fake are sticking out the belly with a treat bucket … I thought it was hilarious. Its never to early and if you have a little one , Please take them out dressed warmly. My kids LOVE Halloween and now that my 2 oldest are almost to old … they get to relive the thrill of Halloween taking out there little brother :)  

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