It’s official: A big bed for a big girl!

For months I’ve been trying to talk “M” into moving into a big girl bed. She’ll be 3 in a few month so it’s about that time! She never climbed out of it so we weren’t forced to switch her over prematurely. Any time I brought up the subject with her she either changed it or said she didn’t want to leave her crib. Even after explaining that it was just going to be a shorter front to her crib she wanted nothing to do with it.

Well Friday night was the night. We switched it out and she was completely fine. Excited that she can now get in and out by herself, she can play in her room whenever she wanted, sit and read a book or sit in her rocking chair (yes I locked it lol). I did a complete overhaul of her room. Only books on the shelves, we explained that there is to be no climbing, I even went through her closet and dresser,  arranged all of her clothes, took out anything that was too small, took tags off the new stuff …when I say overhaul I mean just that. I was exhausted after the hour and a half ordeal.

So far so good, we do keep a gate in her door way because her room is at the top of the stairs, though she never gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom so it works out. It also keeps the cat and dog out of her room, and her room warm all day. It works for us!

We’re on day three. Last night she fell asleep in her rocking chair watching TV so I moved her over to her bed. She’s allowed to watch TV for ½ an hour before bed, usually she’s passed out before the sleep timer goes off so we’ve never had an issue. Actually come to think of it ever since we started that she’s never had ANY sleep issues. She goes to bed and is asleep before 7:30-8:00 pm and wakes up 12 hours later. She doesn’t get up, wet the bed or even call us for the 12 hours she’s out! I guess we’re really lucky. Now to plan the birthday party! Taking it one hurtle at a time!

  • Ester Glavin

    Sounds like she adjusted just fine :)  Its kind of exciting and kind of sad at the same time when they move into their “big kid” bed, isnt it?

  • Kitty Mew

    Congrats on your princess’s new achievement!

  • Elevationssenge

    So nice to know your baby is not giving you any headaches.How I wish my baby is like that.

  • Mel

    It’s wonderful she adapted well to her new bed and sleeps 12 hours.  I can only wish for a child that sleeps that long.

  • heatherty

    So glad to hear you had a successful transition! I need to work on that next for our toddler…sigh.

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