Teaching Our Children About Love

Every February, supermarkets and stores nationwide adorn their aisles with heart-shaped trinkets, red and pink ribbons and lots of chocolates. And each year, around that time, we are reminded how important it is to continue teaching my children about love.

With six kids spanning in age from eight months to 25 years old, Daddy Nickell has found it possible and helpful to teach love through the following three ways:

Example: The age-old saying, “lead by example” remains true even when teaching about love. You can talk about it all you want, but your children will learn the most when they watch you engaging, developing and strengthening loving relationships. The feelings of love and compassion should be extended past your family to show a greater sense of care and selflessness with every interaction you encounter throughout each day.

Contact: Sharing in personal contact is an excellent way to help your children learn about love and showing love in relationships. Have them volunteer their time within their community if they are old enough. Spending a day at a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen or even an animal shelter will help children develop a greater sense of kindness and compassion. If you have young children, encourage them to physically help a friend or a sibling by lending a hand and helping with whatever is needed.

Practice: It’s not always easy, but it’s important to lead your children to a life of positive, loving relationships. Keep in mind it may be a difficult thing for your children to learn too. There will be instances when they don’t act in an appropriate manner, and you need to be there to help them learn from those moments. Keep practicing, and in time, your child will build and strengthen loving relationships and you will be reminded of your great successes in life and parenting.

Remember to lead by example, encourage contact and interactions and keep practicing – that goes for you and your children!

  • Kim D’Angelo

    Love this!!! Thanks for an incredible and simple view on this point.

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