How much is TOO much?

Some of my readers/followers know I’m in the midst of planning M’s 2nd birthday party. Let me tell you it’s now gotten waaay out of control and I need to reel it back in. I was approached by a party planner and a photographer who both wanted reviews so I figured, why not have them take some of the stress off me? Because I get crazy stressed out.

I worry about anything from the guest list and wondering if people would want to come, to the amount of crap I’ll have to deal with once the party is over. We don’t have a huge family but we have too many friends and family to fit everyone in our little place so I rent a room through parks and recreation. Then there is enough room for everyone, and I don’t have to clean up after it.

I’ve decided on a Sesame Street theme because, really, she’s OBSESSED so I figured why not, right? Plus it’s colorful and I can totally either go over the top or more low key and the theme will come across. Now here’s where the problem is – what do you buy a 2 year old for her birthday? Is the party enough? She totally won’t notice, but I will. I have no clue!

So from worrying about the loot bags and food…cake, drinks, decorations, which I must have to admit is pretty much locked down. I now find myself wondering what she’s going to wear, how I’m going to do her hair and if she’ll have a melt down because it’s right during her nap time.

I’d love to hear your suggestions on what I should do for Little Miss M’s b-day outfit… over the top including tutu, or laid back and casual? She loves dressing up so either way would be doable. What do you buy your children for their birthday? How many people do you typically invite etc. So I’m calling all parents… I need heeeelllpp!! I figured I would ask…you guys always have the best suggestions!

  • cristalee

    I would totally suggest Tweeling for her birthday present. I bet she could do a custom order for M’s favourite Sesame St. Character. For her outfit, I would recommend Liliko Lane (more laid back) she is super awesome to order from.

  • Sueboobadoo

    For my Peach’s 2nd Birthday we had a princess party complete with hired princess (Cinderella who taught the girls songs and how to be a princess, painted nails and did princess makeovers),
    I made each of the girls a tutu, and we had feather boas and I know it sounds a lil over the top but it was a fabulous party and a great photo op for all you shutterbug moms out there..I figure as they get older the parties get a lil less elaborate by 2nd grade they’re all about sleepovers with their friends and not so much about mommy hanging out and taking pics the whole
    I invited 6 lil princesses and 2 princes and it seemed like the perfect number for our party (and about 15
    I made lil princess cupcakes instead of cake figuring they would fit perfectly in their lil hands.
    For her 3rd in April I’ve already been informed by the Peach that she wants Tinkerbell to come to her party this year so it’s looking like we’ll be having a Fairy themed party this year :)

    I’ve never been an over the top kinda mom but My Peach is surely an Over the top kinda kid :)

  • Mandy G

    Cute and Simple. too much extra clothing may just become too tight, restrictive and just make a cranky-no-nap-2 year old even more cranky. I know with Matthew, well he just takes off most of the things he knows how to even on a regular day. For Birthday/pictures, we’ll go and buy him a nice cute outfit but usually by the end of hte day, he’s down to a onesie again. Not sure if Maddy likes to strip or not. hehe. All the power to you. Matthew’s first birthday was just about 20 ppl in my not so big house and that was cutting the list down to the ppl most involved in his life.

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